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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Power Play Off to the Races: Rep. Ron Barber (D-AZ)

Chris Stirewalt talks to Rep. Ron Barber (D) about winning re-election in Arizona's 2nd District. Barber will most likely face his 2012 opponent, Martha McSally (R), in what is expected to be another very close House race in November.

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  1. VIDEO: Hayes on Navy Yard shooting and new gun laws

    Steve Hayes told viewers that there’s no chance the Navy Yard shooting will spur the passage of gun control legislation – and the president’s behavior Monday proved he’s not making as serious a push this time.

  2. Reaction to details about Navy Yard shooter's mental health

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  3. Navy Yard shooter received positive military evaluations

    Aaron Alexis described as 'highly motivated,' an 'asset'

  4. Aborn talks gun purchase loopholes

    Alan talks with Aborn on stopping gun purchase loopholes

  5. FNC Video


  6. Tech Take Live 6/13/2013

    Who came out on top at the Video Game industry's most important week? And what do we know about NSA secret data warehouse in Utah?

  7. E3 2013: Say hello to the next generation of gaming's Editor-In-Chief Steve Butts with an inside look at who came out on top in the Video Game industry's most important week

  8. Can an all-star defense team save Boston bomber's life?

    Unabomber, Tuscon shooter lawyer to defend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

  9. Will Boston suspect's attorney aid investigation?

    Judy Clarke will advocate for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

  10. Will Boston Bombing influence gun control debate?

    T.J. McCormack and Basil Smikle Jr. on the likelihood of Capitol Hill passing a comprehensive deal in light of recent events

  11. Power Play 4/18/2013

    Obama fires blanks in first test of second term clout, gun control debate and worries mount on implementing health law

  12. Who is Paul Kenneth Curtis?

    Man arrested in connection to ricin-laced latters sent to President Obama and lawmakers is an Elvis impersonator, among other things

  1. Off to the Races with Martha McSally in AZ-2

    Chris Stirewalt interviews GOP primary candidate for Arizona's 2nd District, Martha McSally. She narrowly lost the race in 2012 by .84% to Ron Barber. The US Air Force's first female combat pilot, MarthaMcSally discusses her potential rematch.

  2. President on the DNA of a MAKER

    For many working women (and men) today, the age-old topic of work-life balance is not just a conversation starter reserved for dinner parties and coffee dates, it is...

  3. 010914_Gabby_0925


  4. Ann Coulter discusses media's coverage of mass murders

    Is it time for the mainstream media to start telling the truth?

  5. Where does the nation stand one year after Newtown?

    Remembering the victims and examining the future of gun control

  6. Mark Kelly on the life of an astronaut

    Former astronaut and author Mark Kelly on his career as a pilot and astronaut and his latest book ‘Mousetronaut Goes to Mars.’

  7. In the Greenroom: Mandisa

    'Idol' finalist shares story behind hit song 'Overcomer'

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