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Rep. Eric Cantor

Republicans taking the wrong route to immigration reform?

The Foundry Senior Contributor Genevieve Wood on immigration reform.

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  1. Who won the vice presidential debate?

    Rep . Eric Cantor weighs in

  2. Rep. Cantor: Election Will Decide Future of Taxes

    Representative Eric Cantor , (R-Virginia), on the tax battle on Capitol Hill.

  3. Rep. Cantor: 'Why does it make sense to raise taxes?'

    House Majority leader on Senate tax vote, January deadline

  4. Efforts to Reduce Regulation Weighing on Small Business

    Rep . Eric Cantor , (R-VA), on efforts to rein in regulation so small businesses can hire more.

  5. Rep. Cantor on Efforts to Prevent Tax Hikes

    Rep . Eric Cantor , (R-VA), on efforts to prevent the impending tax hikes and reform the tax code.

  6. How will SCOTUS ruling impact 2012 race?

    Author Dick Morris, Rep . Eric Cantor weigh in

  7. Rep . Eric Cantor on Obamacare ruling

    How are Republicans responding?

  8. Rep. Cantor: Only way to stop Obamacare is win the election

    House majority leader speaks out on health care ruling, Holder contempt vote

  9. UMB Financial CEO on Increased Lending Despite Tepid Demand

    UMB Financial CEO Mariner Kemper on the bank’s outlook and the impact of low interest rates and regulations on the financial sector and consumers.

  10. Rep. Cantor Pushes For Vote on Bush Tax Cuts

    Republican House Majority Leader Rep . Eric Cantor on calling for a vote on Bush tax cuts before summer recess.

  11. Congress feeling heat over 'Taxmageddon'

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor weighs in

  12. 'Welcome Home Our Heroes'

    Rep . Eric Cantor on how to help the movement

  1. Mounting calls to end the Electoral College

    FNC political analyst Ed Rollins on the president’s credibility, calls to end the Electoral College and immigration reform.

  2. Dem seeks House seat - and war with Tea Party, Fox News

    Virginia Democrat seeking the House seat held by Rep . Eric Cantor promises war with Tea Party, Fox News, NRA and 'other trash,' but is he just full of rhetoric and hot air?

  3. Rep. Cantor on growing the economy

    House Majority Leader Rep . Eric Cantor on the minimum-wage debate, the debt limit extension and the skills gap problem in the U.S.

  4. Rep . Eric Cantor : ObamaCare needs a 'permanent delay'

    House Majority Leader wrote letter to the president

  5. ObamaCare promises not being kept?

    Top Cabinet member admits health care law is raising insurance costs

  6. CPAC highlights future of the Republican Party

    Reaction from Rep . Eric Cantor

  7. Brian and Rep . Eric Cantor

    Brian and Rep . Eric Cantor

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