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Rep. Anthony Weiner

Weiner: TARP is necessary

: Former Congressman Anthony Weiner defends TARP and government stimulus program.

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  1. The Right Way to Use Social Media

    New York Rep. Anthony Weiner’s resignation last week proved the power of social media.Nearly every day we get hit with some kind of social media misstep in celebrity...

  2. The Right Way to Use Social Media to Extend Your Brand

    New York Rep. Anthony Weiner’s resignation last week proved the power of social media.Nearly every day we get hit with some kind of social media misstep in celebrity...

  3. Hefner Publishes Runaway Bride

    Dagen McDowell and Connell McShane break down the business week's biggest stories.

  4. Why the Primaries Matter in an Election

    Radio Talk Show Host Michael Graham weighs in on Anthony Weiner's resignation and the GOP nominees best suited to tackle the economy.

  5. Sarah Palin on Media Scandal

    Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) reacts to Anthony Weiner's resignation announcement and the way mainstream media has covered the release of her e-mails as Alaska Governor.

  6. Why Rep. Weiner Will Return

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto on fmr. Rep . Anthony Weiner ’s political future.

  7. Anthony Weiner Resigns From Congress

    U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner resigned on Thursday over a weeks-long Internet sex scandal, succumbing to bipartisan calls for him to step down.Weiner denied for...

  8. Rep. Weiner Tells Friends He Will Resign: Report

    U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner has told friends he is stepping down after an Internet sex scandal, The New York Times reported on Thursday.Fellow congressional D...

  9. Is Obama Out of Options to Help the Economy?

    FNC Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume on Obama running out of money and options to help the economy, and the scandal facing Rep . Anthony Weiner .

  10. What Has The World Come To?

    Listeners chime in on scandalous politicians, cell phone radiation and the state of our economy.

  11. Weiner Gets Majority Support From District

    Former New York Congressional candidate Bob Turner on the continued support for Anthony Weiner from his constituents.

  12. Do Americans Care About Character?

    Dr. Keith Ablow discusses the recent actions by Rep . Anthony Weiner and what it says about American values.

  1. The Thought Police

    Attorney Arthur Aidala and Dr. Keith Ablow discuss the case surrounding former NYPD officer Gilberto Valle.

  2. Celebrity Cheaters and Their Big Divorces

    Infidelity not only destroys marriages -- it can also supersize a divorce settlement.Just ask Stacy D. Phillips, founder and managing partner of the Los Angeles fami...

  3. When Professional and Personal Collide

    Spurred by technological innovation that is causing even the most sacred private activities to potentially be blown into the spotlight, the once-rigid line between t...

  4. A Tea Party in NYC?

    Tea Party 365 Founder David Webb on the highly contested election for former Rep . Anthony Weiner ’s congressional seat.

  5. Shopper's Market: Digital Disasters

    Safety tips to avoid over sharing online or by phone

  6. OMG! Social Media Fails

    Love it or loathe it, we're only just beginning to recognize the high stakes involved with social media .The same Facebook that unites far-flung grandparents with ne...

  7. Is the I-Man's Relationship With Weiner Strained?

    Bo Dietl of Beau Dietl & Associates sounds off on the relationship between former Rep . Anthony Weiner and Don Imus.

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