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Peter King

Sports ticket prices out of control?

Author Deirdre Imus, Attorney Arthur Aidala, The New York Post’s Michael Riedel and FBN’s Dagen McDowell sound off on topics that make them most angry.

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  1. Rep . Peter King on government’s response to cybercrime

    Rep . Peter King (R-NY) weighs in on the dangers of cybercrime and the government’s response to the security issue.

  2. Defense Department: Sick woman outside Pentagon quarantined

    Lenox Hill Hospital Chairman of Urology Dr. David Samadi weighs in on how the CDC is monitoring Ebola and a possible new case after a woman became ill on a shuttle outside the Pentagon.

  3. Timing of airstrikes against ISIS politically motivated?

    Former President George W. Bush Advisor Brad Blakeman and Hiram College Political Science Professor Jason Johnson on the Obama Administration’s handling of ISIS.

  4. Rep . Peter King (R-NY) on Pres Obama’s new ISIS strategy

    House Homeland Security Committee member Rep . Peter King (R-NY) with reaction to President Obama’s speech on the ISIS threat.

  5. Homeland Security ill-prepared for potential pandemics?

    Homeland Security Policy Institute’s Michael Balboni on concerns the Department of Homeland Security is unprepared for a potential pandemic such as Ebola.

  6. Rep . Peter King on President Obama’s strategy for dealing with ISIS

    Rep . Peter King (R-NY) weighs in on President Obama’s strategy to fight ISIS and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

  7. Rep. King: ISIS is a terrible threat to the U.S.

    Rep . Peter King (R-NY) on the possibility of a Presidential run in 2016, worldwide crises and President Obama’s presidency.

  8. Michael Strahan, Andre Reed among 2014 HOF inductees

    Pro Football Hall of Fame president David Baker on the former NFL players being elected into the Hall of Fame.

  9. Rep . Peter King ’s take on how the U.S. should deal with Putin, Russia

    Rep . Peter King (R-NY) weighs in on John Kerry, the Israel-Gaza conflict and the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disaster.

  10. Putin signs treaty for Crimea to join Russia

    FNC’s Bill Hemmer weighs in on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Putin and Crimea.

  11. Win a Sporting Wager? You can Bet it's Taxable

    Did you place a bet on the Super Bowl or recently pick up a lottery ticket? Don't feel guilty. Gambling is inevitable.That was the determination in 1976 of the Commi...

  12. Obama Shortens Asia Trip Amid Shutdown

    President Barack Obama on Wednesday scaled down a long-planned trip to Asia, as a U.S. government shutdown entered a second day with no end in sight to the funding r...

  1. Rep . Peter King on Ted Cruz, Iran nuclear deal

    Rep . Peter King , (R-NY), sounds off on Sen. Ted Cruz and the possible U.S.-Iran nuclear deal.

  2. Rep . Peter King ’s take on Netanyahu’s speech, ISIS strategy

    Rep . Peter King , (R-NY), discusses Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and the U.S. strategy to defeat ISIS.

  3. Rep . Peter King on NYC Mayor’s response to NYPD officer deaths

    Rep . Peter King , (R-NY), discusses the tensions in New York City following the deaths of two NYPD officers and NYC’s Mayor Bill de Blasio’s response to the incident.

  4. Will Obama diminish the military?

    Rep . Peter King , (R-N.Y.), weighs in on the possibility of a ‘leaner military,’ lowered morale and the Sydney hostage crisis.

  5. Rep. King: Honesty is key for peace

    Rep . Peter King outlines steps that need to be taken to ensure peace so that something like Ferguson doesn’t happen again.

  6. Bigger threat to America: Ebola vs. lone-wolf terrorism?

    Rep . Peter King (R-NY) weighs in on the threats of Ebola and a ‘lone-wolf’ attack on the U.S.

  7. Bo Dietl on terror threats to NYC, U.S.

    FOX News contributor Bo Dietl on the threat of a lone-wolf terror attack in New York City and across the country.

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