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Luis Gutierrez

Rep. Tim Walberg on the immigration crisis

Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) on the immigration crisis and Rep. Gutierrez’s comments on President Obama.

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  1. Democrats Call for Probe Into New Debit Card Fees

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (D-Ill.), on banks such as Bank of America raising debit card fees.

  2. Rep. Guitierrez: Obama on the Right Track

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) on President Obama's jobs speech and why he is in agreement with the amount of spending he is proposing.

  3. Rep. Gutierrez on the Debt Negotiations

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (D-Ill.), on balancing spending cuts and taxes in a debt plan.

  4. Unions Cut Donations to Democrats

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (D-Ill.), on reports unions are cutting back donations to the Democratic Party and why Obama can’t take the Hispanic vote for granted in 2012.

  5. Obama Reignites Immigration Debate

    Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach argues the President is only pandering and not pushing a major immigration initiative.

  6. Rep . Luis Gutierrez on Immigration Reform

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (R-Ill.), on efforts to reform U.S. immigration laws and why many feel Obama has not kept his commitment to bring about comprehensive immigration reform.

  7. Are Republicans Going Too Far in Spending Cut Demands?

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (D-Ill.), argues the Tea Party's influence on Republicans is largely to blame for the lack of a budget compromise.

  8. Lawmakers want more H-1Bs, new 'Founders Visa'

    WASHINGTON -- Nearly 90 members of the U.S. House are co-sponsoring an immigration reform bill that would make some broad changes to the H-1B program, as well as tak...

  9. Rescue Plan Talks Derail

    What has derailed the plan?

  1. How Will Obama Pay for The Proposals in SOTU Speech?

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (D-Ill.), on how immigration reform can reduce government spending and the President’s new initiatives in the State of the Union.

  2. Is the Role of Government in Americans’ Lives Key to the Election?

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (D-Ill.), on the rise in the number of people dependent on government services.

  3. Rep . Luis Gutierrez on Immigration

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (D-Ill.), on the Presidential race and Arizona’s immigration law.

  4. Rep. Gutierrez on Republican Efforts to Repeal Health-Care Law

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (D-Ill.), on Republican efforts to repeal the health-care law and the group of Representatives walking out on the vote to hold the Attorney General in Contempt of Congress.

  5. Rep. Gutierrez: Freedom of Association Guaranteed in Constitution

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (D-Ill.), on the need to find compromise with unions so there are not recall elections like what is happening in Wisconsin.

  6. Who Wins Illinois in 2012 Presidential Election?

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (D-Ill.), discusses whether Mitt Romney could take President Obama’s home state.

  7. Rep. Gutierrez on Taxing the Rich

    Rep . Luis Gutierrez , (D-Ill.), on Obama’s efforts to increase taxes on the wealthy.

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