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Joe Barton

Lawmakers want to send U.S. Crude abroad

Rep . Joe Barton , (R-Texas), discusses how lifting the decade-old U.S. crude oil export ban would be a benefit to the economy.

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  1. Administration Dragging its Feet in Solyndra Investigation?

    Rep . Joe Barton , (R-Texas), on Congress’ efforts to get the documents requested from the White House pertaining to the investigation into Solyndra.

  2. Done Deal: Congress Passes Payroll Tax-Cut Extension

    The U.S. Congress on Friday passed legislation extending a tax cut for 160 million workers through December and continuing long-term jobless benefits, handing Presid...

  3. Did Energy Secretary Break the Law With Solyndra Loan?

    Rep . Joe Barton , (R-Texas), on the Congressional Hearings into the Energy Department loan to Solyndra.

  4. Rep. Barton on the Congressional Hearing Into Solyndra

    Rep . Joe Barton , (R-Texas), on the investigation into Solyndra and the company’s CEO and CFO’s plan to plead the fifth amendment at the Congressional hearing.

  5. Obama Green-Energy Poster-Child Files for Bankruptcy

    Rep . Joe Barton , (R-Texas), on the Administration choosing Solyndra, which filed for bankruptcy, as an example of a green-energy company that could help boost job growth.

  6. Republicans Looks to Repeal Light Bulb Efficiency Standards

    Rep . Joe Barton , (R-Texas), on efforts to repeal regulations on light bulbs.

  7. Fight for Bright Light Continues

    Rep . Joe Barton , (R-Texas), on the ongoing battle surrounding incandescent light bulbs

  8. Barton: GOP Will Get the Job Done

    Rep . Joe Barton argues the 112th congress will pass meaningful legislation and help lead the economy on a road to recovery.

  9. U.S. Planning Watchdog for Online Privacy: Report

    The Obama Administration is preparing a stepped-up approach to policing internet privacy that calls for new laws and the creation of a new position to oversee the ef...

  10. RPT-ANALYSIS-US Senate ready for round 2 on drilling regulation

    * Aid to Gulf states hurt by BP could enhance chances (Repeats to include proper date in dateline)By Richard CowanWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Lingering concern among vote...

  11. ANALYSIS-US Senate ready for round 2 on drilling regulation

    By Richard CowanWASHINGTONx (Reuters) - Lingering concern among voters about BP's massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico means that efforts to tighten regulations o...

  12. Code Pink Returns to Capitol Hill at BP Hearing

    A protestor painted with oil disrupts the BP CEO during his testimony.

  1. Rep. Barton: Keystone will pass with or without Obama

    Rep . Joe Barton , (R-Texas), argues if Obama veto’s the Keystone Pipeline bill, the House will take a two-thirds majority vote.

  2. Culture of cover-up at GM?

    Rep . Joe Barton , (R-Texas), on GM CEO May Barra’s testimony on Capitol Hill.

  3. Congressman calls Barra’s answer gobbledygook

    Rep . Joe Barton questions GM CEO Mary Barra on the ignition switch recall.

  4. Win a Sporting Wager? You can Bet it's Taxable

    Did you place a bet on the Super Bowl or recently pick up a lottery ticket? Don't feel guilty. Gambling is inevitable.That was the determination in 1976 of the Commi...

  5. Obama Will Agree to Short-Term Debt Ceiling Increase

    Rep . Joe Barton (R-TX) on the Republican bill to extend the debt ceiling limit for four months.

  6. Will States Follow Delaware in Legalizing Online Gambling?

    Rep . Joe Barton (R-TX) on why he is pushing for the legalization of online poker.

  7. Energy Sec. Questioned on Green Energy Loans

    Rep . Joe Barton , (R-Texas), on the investigation into the administration’s federal loan guarantees for green energy companies such as Solyndra.

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