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Chris Lee

Celebrity Cheaters and Their Big Divorces

Infidelity not only destroys marriages -- it can also supersize a divorce settlement.Just ask Stacy D. Phillips, founder and managing partner of the Los Angeles family law firm Phillips, Lerner and Lauzon and author of "Divorce: It's All About Control." Her firm has represented the ex-spouses of Whitney Houston, Axl Rose, Tori Spelling, LeAnn Rimes and Jean-Claude Van Damme."Certainly infidelity changes it emotionally," says Phillips. "Where what might have been a divorce in which people had a little bit of trust and didn't feel like they had to turn over every rock, when there's infidelity they don't trust anything and are much more aggressive in looking at things."The division of assets -- bank accounts, homes, cars, etc. -- is just the beginning. "You can lose your kids, and there's no price tag for that," says Phillips. "And depending on your field, you can lose your livelihood and your endorsements if you have a clause in your contract that holds you to a higher standard. Studios ...

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    Rep . Chris Lee (R-NY) on Medicaid paying $65M for drugs it should not have.

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