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Allen West

What’s the Deal, Neil: What’s with all the executive orders?

FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the President’s numerous executive orders.

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  1. Allen West : I believe in protecting our borders

    Former Rep . Allen West , (R-Fla.), on immigration reform.

  2. Why won't the NAACP denounce Rev. William Barber?

    Barber is accusing conservatives of using African Americans to help cause

  3. Obama leading from behind on plight of black families?

    Has the president made problems plaguing black families enough of a priority during his administration?

  4. Democrats' latest plan of attack against the Tea Party

    New reaction to Sen. Chuck Schumer plotting against the party

  5. Rev. Wright smears Tea Party as 'lynch party'

    Former congressman Allen West on Obama's former pastor resurfacing with more inflammatory remarks, the Pentagon relaxing rules on religious garb and facial hair and the record number of households on foodstamps

  6. Extreme liberal intolerance on the rise?

    NAACP leader insults Senate's only black senator

  7. 'Lone Survivor,' propaganda and the war on being pro-America

    Allen West sounds off on the propaganda accusations against the hit movie 'Lone Survivor'

  8. The return of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright

    Inside Obama's controversial former pastor's keynote address at the Chicago Teachers Union breakfast

  9. Are entitlements making Americans more dependent?

    Former Rep . Allen West , (R-Fla.), on efforts to reduce fraud in various entitlements such as disability insurance.

  10. America's 'downward spiral,' the US psyche and Obama

    New poll: Majority of Americans believe US will be in decline for decades

  11. THE FIVE: Racial Politics on MSNBC

    The Five discusses MSNBC's latest.

  12. Future plans for the GOP?

    ‘Conservative Black Chick’ editor Crystal Wright weighs in on the President’s approval rating and the GOP's future.

  1. Republicans’ ObamaCare fixes a political mistake?

    Former Rep . Allen West , (R-Fla.), and FNC contributor Steve Moore on the potential political impact of Republican efforts to fix ObamaCare.

  2. West: More questions than answers after Benghazi hearing

    Allen West gives his take on whether politics were behind the Benghazi aftermath memo

  3. Obama 'tough' on immigration? 68K 'criminal aliens' released

    Last year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement released 68,000 foreign nationals who had criminal convictions and charges last year instead of pursuing deportation

  4. Obama tone-deaf on American 'weakness'?

    Former Fla. congressman Allen West on president's comments on cuts to the US military during his trip abroad and growing criticism of his leadership and handling of Putin and the Ukraine crisis

  5. Was Darrell Issa's behavior racist?

    Fox News contributor Col. Allen West responds

  6. NYT: From Obama 'misspoke' to gave an 'overstated promise'

    Is the 'Paper of Record' making excuses for the president and ObamaCare's shortcomings

  7. Exclusive: One-on-one with Sen. Tim Scott

    Lawmaker on whether he deserves an apology from Rev. William Barber

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