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Ray Nagin

Laura Ingraham on Her New Book

Author Laura Ingraham on her latest book "The Obama Diaries."

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  1. New Orleans' Canals & Levees

    How are New Orleans' Canals & Levees doing?

  1. Is the President Doing Enough on the Oil Spill?

    CBS News’ Chip Reid on President Obama’s handling of the BP oil spill.

  2. Shepard Smith on Saints' Super Bowl Win

    FNC’s Shepard Smith on the impact of the Saints’ Super Bowl win on New Orleans and reporting on Hurricane Katrina.

  3. “New Orleans is Back”

    Bernie as Mayor Ray Nagin discusses the rebirth of New Orleans.

  4. The City of New Orleans is Back on Top

    Bernard McGuirk as Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin reports the city has returned to normal.

  5. How the Stimulus is Helping New Orleans

    Mayor Ray Nagin on how the stimulus funds are reviving the community.

  6. Bad Time for Hurricanes?

    Former FEMA Director Michael Brown on whether budget constraints will affect the ability of state and national agencies to respond to storms.

  7. New Orleans' Road Back

    Residents Returning To NOLA After Gustav

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