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New ‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah faces backlash over Twitter history

National Review reporter Katherine Timpf discusses the backlash over the Twitter history of newly-selected ‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah.

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  1. Will Starbucks’ new campaign help race relations?

    Manhattan Institute’s Jason Riley weighs in on the effectiveness of Starbucks’ race discussion campaign and sportscaster Stephen A. Smith’s comments on African-American voters.

  2. Payne’s Passion: Starbucks' race talk

    FBN’s Charles Payne, Penn Financial President Matt McCall, Scottie Hughes News Director, Plimsoll Mark Managing Director Jim Awad, Veracruz TJM Founder Steve Cortes and Belpointe Asset Management’s David Nelson on Starbucks starting race discussion with customers.

  3. Cheney claims Obama and Holder have been playing the race card?

    FOX News Contributor Santita Jackson, Comedian Sherrod Small and ‘Imus’ Producer Carley Shimkus on Dick Cheney’s comments suggesting Obama and Holder have been playing the ‘race card.’

  4. Poll: Hillary Clinton loses 15-points of Democrat support

    “Outnumbered” Co-Host Jedediah Bila and Editor of National Review Rich Lowry on Hillary Clinton losing support, Obama’s ‘mandatory voting’ laws and Democrats racial attack over Loretta Lynch nomination.

  5. Should Starbucks get involved with race relations in stores? Executive Director Niger Innis weighs in on Starbucks’ decision to encourage its baristas to discuss race relations with customers.

  6. Sharpton making expense demands from taxpayers-funded institutions?

    Political Strategist Nomiki Konst, FOX News Contributor Deroy Murdock and National Review Investigative Reporter Jillian Kay Melchior on the report showing Al Sharpton’s expense demands for speeches, his tax issues and the Ferguson police shooting.

  7. Police officers shot during Ferguson protest

    Political Analyst Carl Jeffers discusses the latest on Ferguson and race relations in the U.S.

  8. Is Holder responsible for the chaos in Ferguson?

    'Conservative Black Chick' Editor Crystal Wright on whether Eric Holder is to blame for racial tension in Ferguson.

  9. Fires destroyed Al Sharpton’s financial records

    National Review’s Jillian Melchior on the mysterious fires burning Al Sharpton’s financial records.

  10. Media influence on Clinton controversy

    Fox New Commentator Bernie Goldberg discusses the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.

  11. Racist frat video, or free speech?

    FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on a University of Oklahoma fraternity being shut down over a racist video, the laws of freedom of speech and whether Hillary broke the law.

  12. Neil’s Spiel: Selma was about legal Americans denied their rights

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto and Conservative Review President Deneen Borelli on President Obama saying deporting illegals is not ‘true to the spirit’ of Selma.

  1. Former NYPD Commissioner on prison reform

    Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik on the need to reform the U.S. prison system.

  2. Gov. Pence calls for fix, clarification to Indiana law

    Judge Andrew Napolitano and FBN’s Cheryl Casone weigh in on Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s comments on the state’s religious freedom law.

  3. Indiana’s ‘religious freedom’ law unconstitutional?

    FNC senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on the impact of Indiana’s ‘religious freedom’ law.

  4. Obama administration stoking anger towards the police? Executive Director Niger Innis discusses the Obama administration’s impact on anger towards police officers.

  5. Starbucks is putting a lid on the ‘#racetogether’ campaign

    Social Media Expert Peter Shankman and Branding Expert Bruce Turkel on Starbucks race relation campaign.

  6. Is Iran the biggest threat in the Middle East?

    Former CIA Director James Woolsey on the latest on Iran and Russia.

  7. Will Netanyahu be an obstacle to a two-state solution?

    The Daily Beast Columnist Michael Moynihan on the fallout from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s election win.

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