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Power Play Off to the Races: Rep. Ron Barber (D-AZ)

Chris Stirewalt talks to Rep. Ron Barber (D) about winning re-election in Arizona's 2nd District. Barber will most likely face his 2012 opponent, Martha McSally (R), in what is expected to be another very close House race in November.

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  1. Should social views cost you your job?

    Intolerance coming from the left?

  2. The race card: 'One of the oldest tricks in politics'

    A prominent Democrat claims many Republicans are racist , Attorney General Eric Holder now claims he wasn't suggesting race in testy exchange at hearing. It may be a Dem tactic to divert attention and rally the base

  3. Former Gov. Ehrlich Dems Need Wedge Issues

    Former Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R-MD) told Brian that Democrats have to run on wedge issues like race.

  4. Incremental approach to immigration reform?

    Rep. Marsha Blackburn, (R-Tenn.), on immigration reform and Rep. Steve Israel’s comments on racism in the Republican Party.

  5. President Obama stoking resentment?

    Bernie Goldberg weighs in

  6. Playing the race card to deflect criticism

    Dr. Ben Carson on the Obama administration playing the race card

  7. Grieving mother speaks about deadly Jewish center shootings

    Mindy Corporon's father and son killed in Kansas

  8. White supremacist ID'd as gunman at Jewish centers

    73-year-old Missouri man has a history of racist and anti-Semitic activity

  9. Why does the federal government own so much land in Nevada?

    Donald Trump sounds off

  10. Voter’s rights at risk in certain states?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on President Obama’s comments on voter’s rights.

  11. Race and politics

    Is it possible to criticize the President without someone suggesting you’re racist ?

  12. Ayaan Hirsi Ali publishes remarks she planned for Brandeis

    Islam critic defends herself

  1. Dartmouth president vows to curb student misbehavior

    Man panel weighs in

  2. 'Red Eye's' chocolate milk segment goes downhill fast

    Maker's Mark and a dancing chicken intervene

  3. Miller Time: Americans ambivalent about Putin?

    Comedian on Putin, Eric Holder, President Obama and race

  4. Huckabee: When did America start caving to bullies?

    When corporations and colleges raise the white flag of surrender instead of the red, white and blue flag of freedom, liberty loses and intimidation wins

  5. Baseball’s Jackie Robinson Day

    Gavin McInnes and Sherrod Small on the real #42 and why heroes can’t be viewed as complicated people.

  6. Does Dr. Ben Carson owe President Obama an apology?

    A fair and balanced debate on National Prayer Breakfast speech

  7. Sebelius’ resignation opens the ObamaCare 'Can of Worms'

    Obama electioneering preparing for November is underway. Plus - Scandals that just won't go away

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