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Why are fewer working-age men participating in the labor force?

Edelman Financial Services Vice Chair David Bach on the shifting demographics in the workforce.

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  1. Stossel 05/01/2014: You Can't Say That

    Stossel and guests look at recent examples of free speech being squelched

  2. Stossel 03/27/14: Government bullies

    Stossel and guest discuss how government uses its force to push people around and take their stuff

  3. College Costs are Rising, But You Still Have Options

    At a crucial time when students must make decisions regarding which college to attend, many are forced to face the financial reality of their educational goals. In m...

  4. Your Guide to Picking an Online College

    It wasn't too long ago that online schools held little credibility, but the number of schools offering education degrees all or partially online has increased dramat...

  5. Stossel 03/20/2014: Spring Cleaning

    Get out your brooms, spring is here. Stossel is ready to clear out the junk, starting with bloat and waste in government

  6. A Law School Acts to Fix a 'Broken' System

    For Brooklyn Law School, the tuition was just too high.On Thursday, the well-regarded private law school announced a 15% tuition cut, according to the school's dean....

  7. Attention Parents of Newborns: Your Kid's College Will Cost $300K

    If you thought tuition was expensive now, just wait.Parents of newborns can expect a college degree to cost more than $300,000 when their children head off to school...

  8. A Tax-Deduction Apple for Teachers

    Teaching takes a toll on many educators' pocketbooks as they routinely buy supplies for their financially strapped schools. Over the past few years, they've enjoyed ...

  9. What are the biggest worries for college applicants?

    Princeton Review Senior V.P. Rob Franek on the biggest concerns for college applicants and their families.

  10. New York real estate thriving

    Rudin Management Co. CEO Bill Rudin on his latest project.

  11. Up to the wealthy to save the economy?

    Author Steve Siebold on the rich, luxury goods and ‘affluenza.’

  12. What’s the Matter with Libertarians?

    ‘The Independents’ Matt and Kmele have a therapy session with Kennedy to try and figure out what’s wrong with them. Don’t miss our show Friday March 14th—“What’s the Matter with Libertarians?” at 9PM and 12AM ET

  1. How to handle the rising costs of raising a child CEO Lynnette Khalfani-Cox on how to reduce the costs of raising a child.

  2. Stossel 07/17/14: Big Brother

    A special edition of Stossel at 'Freedomfest' in Las Vegas

  3. Dr. Walid Phares on the crisis in Iraq

    FOX News terrorism expert Dr. Walid Phares on the crisis in Iraq and the World Cup.

  4. Michigan’s minimum wage hike causing colleges to cut jobs Editor-in-Chief Caleb Bonham, Concerned Veterans for America’s Jessie Jane Duff, Independent Women’s Forum’s Sabrina Schaeffer and Progressive columnist Rick Ungar on the impact of a minimum wage increase on colleges and students.

  5. John Stossel on nonsensical common-sense sayings

    FBN’s John Stossel on the rumors that have become entrenched in public opinion.

  6. Investing in college housing

    Campus Crest CEO Ted Rollins on the company’s focus on housing near 4-year public colleges.

  7. Bachelor of no jobs?’s Kate Rogers, LandColt Capital managing partner Todd Schoenberger and James Freeman of The Wall Street Journal on liberal arts degrees and the lack of jobs.

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