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President Theodore Roosevelt

Joe Piscopo: Remember this great man in a positive light

Comedian and actor Joe Piscopo on the life and career of Robin Williams.

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  1. The Chicago Cubs seeking minority-stake investors

    FBN’s Jeff Flock on the Chicago Cubs owners exploring the sale of a minority stake in the team.

  2. Ukraine Crisis: Diplomacy For Dummies

    Watching events in the Ukraine unfold, particularly America's handling of Russia's move into Crimea, I couldn't help but notice that we've been here before. The Obam...

  3. Where the Jobs Are This Week

    I am always looking for jobs, and we found an incredible mix of industries this week.   The list below illustrates there ARE jobs in surprising places!Happy Hunting....

  4. Is It Time to Lighten Up in the Market… Or Lighten Up on the Skepticism?

    Everyone is pensively asking the same questions concerning the market's big gains: Is this the beginning of a new and better Bull, or is this just another disappoint...

  5. Doris Kearns Goodwin on Lincoln at the Oscars

    Author Doris Kearns Goodwin on the results of the Academy Awards.

  6. America's 10 Richest Presidents

    Three years ago, 24/7 Wall St. published the net worth of every American president, from Washington to Obama. We have updated our numbers to reflect the earnings of ...

  7. California Taxes, Regulations Driving Business to Texas

    Former Republican Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman, Jr., on the benefits of Texas’ economic environment for businesses.

  8. Stossel - 1/24/13 - Obama: Part II

    Stossel looks at what a second term under President Obama will be like following the big inauguration event

  9. Government Encouraging Handouts?

    FBN’s John Stossel on how the government encourages an entitlement culture and the Administration’s push for greater gun control.

  10. What Does Hagel Nomination Say About National-Security Plan?

    Ret. Navy SEAL Leif Babin discusses the nomination of Chuck Hagel and motion picture “Zero Dark Thirty”.

  11. Undoing the Constitution?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano gives Tom his perspective on the state of today’s welfare programs and their impact on the economy.

  12. Judge Napolitano on “Theodore and Woodrow”

    Judge Andrew Napolitano gives insight into the policies and programs from past presidencies that have gotten us to the “culmination” of the progressive era.

  1. Stossel 07/17/14: Big Brother

    A special edition of Stossel at 'Freedomfest' in Las Vegas

  2. President Obama abusing executive power?

    Pacific Legal Foundation’s Tim Sandefur and Goldwater Institute’s Christina Sandefur on President Obama’s executive powers.

  3. War on drugs going too far?

    On the Independents After Hours, Deroy Murdock and John Tierney weigh in on police militarization.

  4. Trust in the government at record lows?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the Obama Administration’s impact on Americans’ views of the country and the government.

  5. Jon Hunstman: The divisions are largely exaggerated

    Former Gov. Jon Hunstman, Jr., (R-Utah), on the future of the Republican Party.

  6. Does Obama need to further sanctions or take action against Russia?

    ‘The Hill’ contributor Juan Williams and former Reagan political director Ed Rollins on President Obama, the crisis in Ukraine and John Boehner mocking Republican colleagues on immigration.

  7. Can Republicans fix the divide within the Party?

    ‘Takeover’ author Richard Viguerie on the growing divide within the Republican Party.

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