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President Mahmoud Abbas

  1. Challenges facing Middle East peace talks

    Aaron David Miller on the prospects for an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians

  2. Will new Mideast peace talks be effective?

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  3. How Should U.S. Deal with Uprising in Egypt?

    FOX News contributor Walid Phares weighs in on unrest in Egypt.

  4. Cautious Optimism Over Potential Israel-Palestine Talks?

    FNC Middle East and terrorism expert Dr. Walid Phares on efforts to resume Mideast peace talks.

  5. Sec. Kerry: Israel and Palestine will resume peace talks

    Ambassador John Bolton weighs in

  6. Hits & Misses: 6/22/13

    A hit to the conservation of a Texas icon

  7. Secretary Kerry makes a visit to Israel

    New peace talks between Israeli, Palestinians possible?

  8. Obama Praises Palestinian Startup Scene

    In a press conference with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas , the president highlights Palestine’s growing tech scene. spoke with the first Palestinian venture capital firm Sadara Ventures as well as two techubators it's betting on to get a picture of the startup scene.

  9. President Obama's Middle East mission: too little, too late?

    'Journal' panelists take the global view

  10. Obama and Arafat: appropriate imagery?

    Rudy Giuliani slams the president

  11. Obama again vows to have Israel's back against Iran

    Ed Henry reports from Jerusalem

  12. FNC Video


  1. Putin blows off sanctions and declares Crimea's sovereignty

    What options does U.S., Europe have?

  2. Netanyahu closely watching how US handles Ukraine crisis

    Obama, Israeli PM set to meet at White House

  3. Fight over new sanctions against Iran heat up

    Ed Henry reports

  4. Secretary Kerry in Israel for Middle East peace talks

    Kerry meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu

  5. Bolton: Real Mideast peace agreement 'completely impossible'

    Former UN ambassador weighs in on Kerry's trip to Israel

  6. Hits & Misses: 8/3/13

    A miss to Huma Abedin sympathizers

  7. DefCon 3 7/17/2013

    Is the US losing leverage in Iraq? Where are US-Russian relations headed? And challenges facing Middle East peace talks. KT McFarland and guests discuss

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