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President Hugo Chavez

Hannity's take: Sean Penn's acting workshops in Venezuela

'Hannity' host sounds off on Hollywood activist giving acting lessons in the playground of late friend, Hugo Chavez

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  1. President Obama catching flack from the left

    Talking Points 2/18

  2. Is Venezuela on the brink of regime change?

    Amb. John Bolton discusses the wave of anti-government protests

  3. Anti-Government Protests Continue In Venezuela

    Hundreds of people continue to take to the streets in Caracas in ongoing demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro's 10-month-old government.

  4. Strategies for investing in emerging markets

    Marketfield Asset Management CEO Michael Shaoul on where the opportunities are in emerging markets.

  5. Top international stories of 2013

    Year in foreign news: From a new pope to deadly protests in Middle East

  6. Strong-Arm Rules Leave Venezuela in Turmoil

    Venezuela's increasingly radicalized economic policies coupled with tame oil prices threaten to further erode the Latin American country's already-alarming financial...

  7. President criticized for actions at Mandela memorial service

    Obama shakes Raul Castro's hand, takes selfie

  8. Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler Talks Win, Twitter

    Gabriela Isler, the recently crowned Miss Universe 2013, talks about her win in Russia, an old Twitter rant about Hugo Chavez and what to expect of her this year.

  9. Despite launch parties, Venezuelan oil tankers never set sail

    With flags and confetti, Venezuela in the last 14 months launched three new oil tankers that exemplify the socialist nation's ambitions to diversify to Asian markets...

  10. Venezuela probe says sabotage caused Amuay disaster

    An official investigation into a 2012 explosion at Venezuela's largest refinery Amuay has concluded sabotage was to blame for one of the global oil industry's deadli...

  11. Venezuela lacked good faith in ConocoPhillips seizure - World Bank

    Venezuela failed to act in good faith or properly compensate ConocoPhillips for three big oil assets the country expropriated in 2007, a World Bank arbitration panel...

  12. ConocoPhillips says wins arbitration ruling after Venezuela assets seized

    ConocoPhillips said on Wednesday an arbitration panel of the World Bank ruled that Venezuela unlawfully expropriated the firm's oil investments in the South American...

  1. Twitter's Prowess: Use Booms in Banned Turkey

    Turkey's prime minister may be set on blocking the micro-blogging site that has fueled political rallies across the globe, but tech-savvy Turkish revolutionaries are...

  2. Eva Golinger: How Hugo Chavez Would Have Reacted To Protests

    Eva Golinger knew, advised, and was a friend of Venezuela’s former President Hugo Chavez .

  3. Former Hugo Chavez Advisor, Eva Golinger, On The Unrest In Venezuela

    Venezuelan-American Attorney Eva Golinger knew, advised, and was a friend of Venezuela’s former President Hugo Chavez . Here is Golinger’s take on what is happening in Venezuela.

  4. Labor Laws Stoke Economic Turmoil in Venezuela

    As Venezuela grapples with economic turmoil and widespread protests, a law that effectively prohibits companies from firing workers continues to restrict the country...

  5. A Year After Hugo Chavez's Death

    President Nicolás Maduro, organized 10 days of commemorative activities to mark the anniversary of Hugo Chavez's death from cancer at age 58.

  6. Is US ignoring crisis in Venezuela?

    Foreign Policy Initiative's Patrick Christy on why situation in Latin America matters to Americans

  7. The growing unrest in Venezuela

    Tea Party News Network’s Scottie Nell Hughes and The Daily Beast Cultural News Editor Michael Moynihan on the protests in Venezuela.

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