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President Hamid Karzai

Afghanistan vote counting underway in presidential election

Conor Powell reports from Kabul, Afghanistan

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  1. Complete US withdrawal from Afghanistan a big mistake?

    A message from Gold Star Wife Jane Horton

  2. President Obama planning to abandon Afghanistan to its fate?

    Insight from defense expert Con Coughlin

  3. Clock ticking on US troop presence in Afghanistan

    Strategy risking a diplomatic failure?

  4. Will there be any US troops in Afghanistan after this year?

    Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon

  5. Taliban ends talks to release captured American soldier

    Conor Powell reports from Jerusalem

  6. Afghanistan frees suspected Taliban prisoners

    Pete Hegseth weighs in

  7. Karzai: Afghan policy is of no concern to the US

    Afghanistan ignores US military concerns, releases 65 'dangerous' prisoners

  8. An outrage in Afghanistan

    Talking Points 2/13

  9. What did Obama know about's problems, when?

    HHS Secretary Sebelius says President Obama was not informed of the problems with before its launch but evidence suggests that's not necessarily the case

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  11. Defiant message to America from Afghanistan's president

    Jennifer Griffin reports from Washington

  12. Afghanistan releases 65 Taliban prisoners

    Afghan gov't defies U.S., sets detainees free

  1. Afghans defy Taliban threats to vote in presidential election

    Conor Powell reports from Afghanistan

  2. Changes in security needed at Army bases?

    Maj. Gen. Robert Scales, U.S. Army (Ret.), on the shooting at Fort Hood, Afghanistan and the Middle East peace talks.

  3. Afghanistan attack hits close to home for Jennifer Griffin

    One AP journalist dead and one wounded ahead of historic elections

  4. Rove: 'Chickens coming home to roost' on Obama

    Former Bush senior advisor: President and US world stature paying for his 'hands off' foreign policy, US giving up Internet control seen as weak, Putin 'played Obama for a sucker'

  5. Rumsfeld's take: Karzai snubs West, backs Putin's power grab

    Former defense secretary on Afghan President Karzai , joining Syria and Venezuela in backing Russia's annexation of Crimea

  6. Pinheads: Afghan President Hamid Karzai

    O’Reilly and McGuirk weigh in on the latest 'Pinheads' of the week

  7. Winners and losers from 2014 Academy Awards

    Deadline's Dominic Patten has the highlights

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