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Fidel Castro

Hope fades for Venezuela crisis talks

Vision Americas' Jose Cardenas explains the reasons for opposition protests

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  1. Greta: The right way to judge Obama's handshake

    'Off the Record', 12/10/13: You can't judge the president's handshake with Cuban dictator Raul Castro at Nelson Mandela's memorial service by whether you personally like him or his politics. It's 'complicated'

  2. Obama's handshake with Castro a sign of things to come?

    Forbes Opinions editor John Tamny on President Obama shaking hands with Cuba's President Raul Castro at Nelson Mandela's funeral.

  3. 121013_debate_1100


  4. Nelson Mandela: 'A sweetheart'

    Former New York City mayor David Dinkins emotional recall

  5. The JFK Assassination: 50 years of questions, theories

    Why conspiracy theories live on

  6. Questions still lingering around JFK assassination

    What we still do not know 50 years later

  7. Bias Bash: Controversy around JFK assassination anniversary

    Rich Lowry explains how the media is spinning the reasons behind the shooting

  8. Inside Jesse Jackson's history of hostage negotiation

    Human rights advocate's role in prisoner release began in 1983

  9. Power Play 11/6/2013: VA squeaker sends shivers through Dems

    Kathleen Sebelius is back in the hot seat and a closer look at the winners and losers of the 2013 elections. Plus- Is Obama in breach of contract?

  10. ObamaCare volunteers to spread the word about new law

    Are these insurance exchange navigators qualified for the job?

  11. President Obama Going Alone

    Tamara Holder weighs in on President Obama pushing ahead with higher taxes.

  12. Why President Obama should take cue from JFK

    Sabato advises the administration to rise above the problems

  1. Could violence in Venezuela impact US energy prices?

    Council of the Americas' Eric Farnsworth on how protests against President Maduro could impact Americans at home

  2. AP Removes Retouched Castro Photos From Archive

    The Associated Press is eliminating from its archive seven Cuban government handout photos of Fidel Castro after determining some were digitally altered.

  3. Sen. Mike Lee tackles foreign policy, national security

    GOP lawmaker gives his take on Iran sanctions, NSA

  4. Fidel Castro Makes Public Appearance In Havana

    Former Cuban President Fidel Castro made his first public appearance in nine months, attending the opening of an art studio in the Cuban capital.

  5. Fidel Castro Makes Surprise Appearance At Art Studio

    Footage released by state broadcaster Cubavision showed former Cuban President Fidel Castro visiting the art studio and chatting with artist Alexis Leyva.

  6. Barbara Walters reflects on her career with the ‘I-Man’

    ABC News’ Barbara Walters on her career, her 10-most-fascinating people list, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

  7. A handshake is all it takes to ease U.S., Cuba relations?

    Ian Vasquez of the CATO Institute weighs in on U.S.'s relationship with Cuba.

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