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Pope John Paul II

From playwright to pope?

One of Pope John Paul II's early stage works is getting a revival

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  1. Sainthood date for Popes John Paul II, John XXIII unveiled

    Lauren Green reports from New York City

  2. What does the canonization of John Paul II mean?

    Lauren Green and John Moody discuss the canonization of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII and what it means for the Catholic Church

  3. Going to church good for your health?

    Study: Religious commitment leads to a longer life

  4. John Paul II's Legacy Looms Large

    Just like Pope Benedict XVI, the next pope will largely be overshadowed by Pope John Paul II's looming legacy.

  5. FNC Video

    FNC Video

  6. America's role in electing the next pope

    U.S. influence growing?

  7. Cardinals tasked once again with electing a new pope

    Shepard Smith reports from Vatican City

  8. Pope Benedict XVI no longer has strength to lead Catholics

    Amy Kellogg reports from Rome

  9. Pope Benedict XVI's legacy

    Father Edward Beck weighs in on change of power in Catholic Church

  10. Insight on Pope Benedict XVI's decision to step down Executive VP John Moody calls resignation 'one of the bravest things I've ever heard of'

  11. Vatican: Pope Benedict XVI to resign

    Greg Palkot reports from London, England

  12. John Paul to Be Beatified

    Father Jonathan Morris discusses the beatification of Pope John Paul II .

  1. Will president get a 'papal bump' in his approval numbers?

    Vatican and Obama differ on topics of discussion

  2. Reaction to Obama's meeting with Pope Francis

    Faith panel weighs in

  3. Super-Pope? People's Pope? Here Are Our Top 10 Moments Of Pope Francis' First Year

    Habemus Papam! (We Have a Pope) Francis was one of 115 cardinals who arrived at Vatic...

  4. Unbreakable bond: Brother always by disabled sister's side

    Siblings win Unsung Hero Award

  5. Lech Walesa questions the role of US in the world today

    FNC's Wendell Goler sits down with former Polish president

  6. Will embassy move hurt American relations with the Vatican?

    Former ambassadors criticize decision

  7. Lost in Translation: 9 International Marketing Fails

    For U.S. businesses to succeed overseas, they have to appeal to their international consumer base. However, if not done correctly, marketing to foreign customers can have disastrous outcomes.  

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