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Rep. Gutierrez on Republican Efforts to Repeal Health-Care Law

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, (D-Ill.), on Republican efforts to repeal the health-care law and the group of Representatives walking out on the vote to hold the Attorney General in Contempt of Congress.

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  1. An Historic Election, or Much Ado About Nothing?

    Tuesday night, Republicans and Tea Partiers may celebrate, but for ordinary Americans the election won’t fix much.Regardless of which party is in power, Americans do...

  2. Government: Leader in Innovation? Editor-in-Chief Nick Gilespie argues the government needs to reduce regulations and spending to boost private-sector innovation.

  3. GOP to Take Over House?

    FNC's Chris Wallace on what to expect in the November elections.

  4. Democrats Don’t Deserve Re-Election

    Barack Obama relentlessly references the handiwork of George Bush to alibi the weak economy. But if deeds should measure who governs, the Democrats deserve the boot....

  5. How a GOP Congress Would Change Economic Policy

    Reason TV Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie argues a Republican-controlled Congress will not change economic policy of the federal government.

  6. The Elections and the Outlook

    Democrats are looking up in the polls. Though not doing well, they are doing less badly. Prospects for a Republican sweep seem less likely than two weeks ago, and th...

  7. Obama hits the road in hopes of firing up voters

    (Updates with fresh remarks, changes dateline to Madison)By Patricia ZengerleMADISON, Wis. (Reuters) - President Barack Obama worked Tuesday to portray Republicans a...

  8. DeLay on Republican Strategy for Tax Cuts

    Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay discusses whether Congress will extend the Bush tax cuts.

  9. Fact Checking the Republicans' Pledge to America rendered its verdict on the Republicans' "Pledge to America" and says it “falls short on some of its facts.” is a nonprofit website that s...

  10. Fact Checking the Republicans' Pledge to America

    September 27, 2010 2:56 PM Fact Checking the Republicans' Pledge to Americaby Elizabeth MacDonaldSelect rating Poor Okay Good Great Awesome Average: 3.6 ( 22 votes)C...

  11. GOP's 'Pledge to America' Under Fire

    Dallas Tea Party Founder Phillip Dennis breaks down the Republicans' attempt to reform America.

  12. Small-Biz Leaders Reach Out to Lawmakers

    Tart Lumber Owner Craig Fritsche discusses the small-business roundtable he participated with GOP leaders.

  1. Can the GOP Really Cut that Much?

    National radio host Herman Cain on the GOP’s bill to $100 billion that is scheduled for a vote soon, and if such big cuts are attainable.

  2. ‘Rep. John Boehner ’ Gets Emotional

    Comedian Rob Bartlett as Speaker of the House John Boehner tears up when talking to Imus and Connell.

  3. Barton: GOP Will Get the Job Done

    Rep. Joe Barton argues the 112th congress will pass meaningful legislation and help lead the economy on a road to recovery.

  4. Lawmaker on Extending Bush Tax Cuts

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz, (R-UT), on efforts in Congress to find a compromise on tax cuts and earmarks.

  5. Don't Let Your Credit Score Hurt Your Job Hunt

    We take a look at how a bad credit score could hurt your job prospects and we ask the CEO of a thriving small business how he is accomplishing massive sales growth.

  6. Now Comes the Tough Part: Fixing the Economy

    American capitalism is broken, and little that newly-empowered Republicans and surviving Democrats offer is likely to fix it.American prosperity was built on technol...

  7. Republicans Get the House... Now What?

    The Republicans' strong showing Tuesday night played out pretty much as the GOP planned. So maybe it won't be the full-fledged rout that some had projected, but it w...

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