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Pat Toomey

American Cheese Makers vs. EU in Food-Name Fight

In Connecticut, Sen. Chris Murphy is hosting the Connecticut Cheese Challenge to draw attention to European efforts to restrict American farmers’ ability to call their cheese by names like feta, parmesan and muenster.

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  1. Power Play 10/9/2013: Obama says no negotiations

    The partial shutdown enters day 9 and Obama takes to the podium to keep up the 'political heat'. Plus- What do Republicans demand in exchange of debt ceiling raise?

  2. Special Report Online: 9/25/13

    ObamaCare battle rages on Capitol Hill

  3. Why media keeps blowing it during tragedies

    Serious mistakes in Navy Yard reporting

  4. 091813_kurtz_805


  5. The press at odds with the American public

    Talking Points 9/18

  6. State Department talks Egypt, Syria

    Jen Psaki discusses the administration's relationship with both nations

  7. State Department: US has 'eye on the end goal' in Egypt

    Jen Psaki says administration is reviewing status of aid

  8. Political Insiders 7/22/2013

    House votes to delay ObamaCare mandates, another terrible GOP cave on filibusters and can the GOP take the Senate in 2014?

  9. Loesch: IRS sparked 'second coming' of Tea Party

    'Government Power Grab?': Talk show host says we're seeing 'Tea Party 2.0' because of the IRS's targeting of conservatives

  10. PowerPlay 6/3/2013

    IRS scandal files an extension. Border security could scuttle Senate immigration deal. Plus - Does Holder's national security defense hold?

  11. Why is 10-year-old forced to fight for lung transplant?

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  12. Van Hollen: No negotiations over whether US pays its bills

    Ranking member of the House Budget Committee rejects GOP push to tie an increase in the nation’s debt ceiling to an overhaul of the tax code

  1. Investors Back Fannie, Freddie Despite Lawmaker Plans

    A Senate proposal for winding down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac slammed their shares over the last two days, but big investors in the government-owned mortgage agencie...

  2. Sen. Toomey previews Senate's vote on Justice Dept. nominee

    Lawmaker on why Debo Adegbile is unfit to serve

  3. Does the GOP have the upper hand?

    Dana Perino weighs in on the 2014 elections

  4. Sen. Toomey: ObamaCare site is 'least of the problems'

    Reaction to continued issues

  5. Sens. Lee, Toomey on the president's 'dishonest' promise

    Congressmen react to ObamaCare testimonies

  6. SEC's New Crowdfunding Rules Explained

    The SEC proposed new rules on Wednesday that would allow startups to sell equity through crowdfunding portals.

  7. Senators Say SEC Going Too Far With Startup Financing Rules

    Senators John Thune (R-SD) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) send letter to SEC Chairman Mary Jo White sharing concerns about unnecessary rules surrounding the JOBS Act.  

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