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Palestinian National Authority

Joel Rosenberg weighs in on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

'The Auschwitz Escape' author discusses the process

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  1. Will new Mideast peace talks be effective?

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  2. Peace talks between Israel and Palestine set to resume

    Representatives from Israel and Palestine will meet in Washington on Monday

  3. Sec. Kerry: Israel and Palestine will resume peace talks

    Ambassador John Bolton weighs in

  4. What is Russia’s role in Syria?

    KT McFarland shares her insights

  5. Did Obama lie to the American people on Benghazi?

    Latest on the Libya investigation

  6. FNC Video


  7. Power Play 4/24/2013

    A nation is on edge as the Boston bombing investigation continues. Outrage over FAA furlough. Plus -New chemical weapon allegations against Assad regime

  8. Secretary Kerry makes a visit to Israel

    New peace talks between Israeli, Palestinians possible?

  9. Dore Gold reacts to President Obama's trip to Israel

    Former Israeli ambassador to UN speaks out

  10. President Obama sending mixed messages to Middle East?

    Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani sounds off

  11. Rockets hit Israel as Obama meets with Palestinians

    Conor Powell reports from Soerot, Israel

  12. Obama: The security of Israel is non-negotiable

    Obama, Netanyahu hold joint press conference

  1. Will White House swap spy for Mideast peace talks?

    Convicted Israeli spy serving a life sentence floated as bargaining chip

  2. Al Qaeda no longer on the run in Iraq, Syria

    To President Obama's dismay, al Qaeda appears to be resurgent in Iraq and Syria. Why?

  3. Peace talks continue between Israeli and Palestinian leaders

    Amb John Bolton discuss the possibility of lasting peace

  4. Bolton: Real Mideast peace agreement 'completely impossible'

    Former UN ambassador weighs in on Kerry's trip to Israel

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  6. Hits & Misses: 8/3/13

    A miss to Huma Abedin sympathizers

  7. Could chaos be an opportunity for peace in the Middle East?

    Mideast observers say turmoil could help Israel-Palestinian talks, but John Bolton says not so fast

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