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Palestinian National Authority

Independents After Hours on the Middle East

Brooke Goldstein and Baratunde Thurston on issues in the Middle East.

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  1. Lieberman on Need for Intervention in Middle East

    Sen. Joe Lieberman, (I-Conn.), on U.S. involvement in Libya and throughout the Middle East.

  2. Israel Rebukes Obama’s Plan for Border Change

    Rep. Charlie Rangel, (D-N.Y.), discusses whether the president’s plan for Israel is a feasible solution.

  3. Dinesh D'Souza on Obama's Views of Israel

    King's College President Dinesh D'Souza on Obama's views on Israel and the uncertain future of U.S.-Israeli relations.

  4. Israeli PM Rejects Obama’s 1967 Border Proposal

    FNC contributor Karl Rove on the uncertain future for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, and the U.S.’s role in the negotiations.

  5. Obama on Palestine: Political Blunder?

    Rabbi Marvin Hier of The Simon Wiesenthal Center and David Harris, CEO of the National Jewish Democratic Council, weigh in on President Obama's speech on Palestine and his meeting with the Israeli prime minister today.

  6. Obama Calls for Realignment to ‘67 Borders

    Conference Of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Executive Vice Chairman Malcolm Hoenlein on the future of Israeli/Palestinian relations.

  7. Does Obama Risk Losing Jewish Supporters?

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on the risks of the President losing financial and voter support from the Jewish community over his Israel policies.

  8. Banks can keep embassy accounts: U.S. regulators

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Financial regulators have clarified that banks can provide services to foreign diplomatic missions and still comply with anti-money laundering...

  9. Will Social Networking Sites Cause More Protests in Middle East?

    FBN's Ashley Webster on the impact of social networking sites in Egypt and its role in potential unrest in other countries.

  10. Violence Continues in Cairo

    Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations discusses the impact of a new governing body in Egypt and the future of U.S. Egyptian relations.

  11. High-Bar Set for Mid-East Peace Talks

    FNC's Major Garrett on the negotiations for Mid-East taking place in Washington.

  12. FEATURE-Ramallah building boom symbolizes West Bank growth

    * Real estate prices up 30 pct in 2 yrs* Construction boom sign of West Bank growth* Israeli curbs on Palestinian building fuel high prices* Sector is drawing some G...

  1. White House foreign policy making U.S. weak overseas?

    FNC political analyst Doug Schoen and FNC national security analyst KT McFarland on the impact of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy.

  2. Sen. Lieberman on Fiscal Cliff, Departure from Senate

    Sen. Joe Lieberman on the continued debates ahead of the Bush tax-cut expiration and his decision to retire from the Senate.

  3. Rubin: Obama’s Policies Hostile Toward Israel

    Author David Rubin discusses how the candidates’ views on Israel will impact the election.

  4. The Motives Behind Palestinian Leader’s Effort to Gain Statehood at U.N.

    Middle East Forum Director Daniel Pipes on the impact of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ efforts to gain statehood in the U.N. on the Mideast peace process.

  5. Obama Calls for Palestinian State

    Reps. Cory Gardner, (R-Colo) and Steve Pearce, (R-N.M.), on the lack of clarity surrounding the president’s stance on Palestine.

  6. Perry Bashes Obama’s Stance on Israel

    Israeli Knesset Deputy Speaker Danny Danon on comments made by GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry.

  7. Should U.S. Dial Back Aid to Palestine?

    Rep. Kay Granger, (R-Texas), discusses the U.S.’s future spending plans for Palestine.

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