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Usama bin Laden Compound

Lawmakers’ Uproar Over ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

FBN’s Dennis Kneale on lawmakers’ objections over the movie’s portrayal of the hunt for Osama bin Laden .

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  1. How Much Did the U.S. Give Pakistan?

    A number of media reports state that the U.S. gave Pakistan $1.5 billion dollars in aid last year. Other media reports quoting Congressional estimates suggest the U....

  2. Did Pakistan Know About Bin Laden ?

    Former CIA Operative Mike Baker discusses whether Pakistan knowingly hid Usama Bin Laden within its borders.

  3. U.S. Should Pressure Pakistan to Oust Taliban, Al Qaeda

    FOX News national security analyst KT McFarland on the future relationship between U.S. and Pakistan.

  4. Obama to Visit Ground Zero

    Debora Burlingame on meeting President Obama at the wreath laying ceremony at ground zero.

  5. Inside the Navy's 'Seal Team 6'

    "Seal Team 6" creator Richard Marcinko on the success of the Navy team in killing Bin Laden .

  6. Pakistan Denies Sheltering Bin Laden

    Pakistan's president on Tuesday denied suggestions that his government may have sheltered Usama bin Laden but admitted that his security forces were left out of a U....

  7. Breaking Down the Mission to Get Bin Laden

    Lt. Col. Bill Cowan discusses the mission by Navy SEALs Sunday in Pakistan.

  8. Bin Laden Killing a Victory for U.S. Intelligence Community

    Rep. Joe Heck, (R-NV), on why the death of Bin Laden is an important victory for the U.S. in the war on terror.

  9. The Dollars Behind Finding Bin Laden

    Three thousand, five hundred and nineteen days. Or nine years, seven months and 20 days. That's the time between that fateful morning when the Twin Towers fell... to...

  10. World on Alert After U.S. Kills Bin Laden

    Pakistan (Reuters) - World leaders warned of revenge attacks after Osama bin Laden was killed in a U.S. assault in Pakistan on Monday that brought to a dramatic end ...

  11. After a Decade, What Gave Bin Laden Away?

    Osama bin Laden's decade on the run after 9/11 may have come to its end in part because his large hideout reportedly lacked a phone and Internet connection -- an unu...

  12. Twitter Breaks News of Bin Laden Death

    FBN's Shibani Joshi breaks down how the news of Usama Bin Laden's death broke on the internet.

  1. From Israel to Iran: 10 Countries Respond to Obama Victory

    After President Barack Obama's re-election, world leaders expressed hope for stronger cooperation with the United States on issues ranging from the struggle against ...

  2. Factbox: World leaders respond to Obama election victory

    After President Barack Obama's re-election, world leaders expressed hope for stronger cooperation with the United States on issues ranging from the struggle against ...

  3. What's the Biggest Risk You've Ever Taken?

    Near the end of the movie version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice where Keira Knightley plays the compelling Elizabeth Bennett, the stoic Mr. Darcy character sa...

  4. Inside the CIA’s Efforts to Find Bin Laden

    Former CIA Operative Jose Rodriguez on the hunt for Usama Bin Laden .

  5. Explosion Damages Norwegian Government Headquarters in Oslo

    A bomb ripped through Oslo's central government district on Friday and a gunman dressed as a policeman then opened fire at a youth camp on a nearby island, killing 1...

  6. How Usama Changed the Game for Defense Stocks

    Hilary Kramer, editor, on how defense stocks will be affected by the death of Usama bin Laden .

  7. Top Senate Democrat Questions Aid to Pakistan

    A senior member of the Senate Appropriations committee and the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), said in a letter to lawmakers that he...

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