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Turkey Accuses Twitter of 'Tax Evasion'

Turkey urged executives from Twitter to open an office and start paying Turkish tax on Monday in the first direct talks since a two-week ban imposed on the site as the government battled a corruption scandal.Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's government blocked Twitter and YouTube in March, drawing international condemnation, after audio recordings, purportedly showing corruption in his inner circle, were leaked on their sites.The block was lifted 10 days ago after the constitutional court ruled that it breached freedom of expression, a decision Erdogan has since said was wrong and should be overturned. YouTube remains largely blocked in Turkey.The prime minister on Saturday accused Twitter of being a "tax evader", repeating his combative stance ahead of the talks between his government and the San Francisco-based company."Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, these are international companies. They're companies established for profit," he said at the opening ceremony for a purification plant in Is...

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  1. Bon jour: Economists worried U.S. is becoming France

    FBN's Peter Barnes on the role of U.S. government in the economy compared to France.

  2. Yahoo Shifts Europe Tax Base to Ireland

    Yahoo! Inc is shifting its main European tax base to Ireland from Switzerland, a Reuters examination of company statements and accounts shows, as pressure mounts on ...

  3. Emerging Sell-Off Hits European Shares, Lifts Yen

    Emerging markets led a global sell-off in risky assets on Monday as European stocks followed sharp falls in Asia and safe-haven assets such as the yen and gold ralli...

  4. Lessons From Abroad on Financial Education

    The U.S. is not alone in its attempts to address financial literacy in public schools. An international push is on to teach kids the money skills they need to naviga...

  5. Hits and Misses in 2013 Predictions

    Which experts were right, and who was wrong, in their predictions for 2013? This year's roundup follows,  but keep this in mind as we check the winners and losers in...

  6. Eurozone Factory Output Drops in October

    Industrial output in the 17 countries that share the euro fell sharply in October, a development that raises fresh questions about the sustainability of the currency...

  7. American education rankings unexceptional?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on American students’ ranking in math, reading and science.

  8. ECB Warns of Deflationary Pressures

    The European Central Bank's chief economist said on Friday the euro zone faces deflationary pressures, and the bank's president stressed that interest rates must rem...

  9. Are record breaking highs on Wall Street superficial?

    Lauren Simonetti reports from New York

  10. Futures Point to Cautious Start on Wall Street

    Stock futures indicated a cautious start for Wall Street on Tuesday, as investors wait to see whether markets will make another run at key milestones, after a failur...

  11. Is Money Key to Happiness? It Doesn't Hurt

    It's no surprise that the global financial crisis affected the happiness of those countries that were worst hit. According to a report released Tuesday by the Organi...

  12. U.S. multinationals to have say on OECD tax-base erosion project

    U.S. multinationals will next month be able to weigh in for the first time on recent proposals from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)...

  1. The Pay Gap Is Alive and Well — and Hurting Women

    "An explanation is where the mind comes to rest." — UnknownThe pay gap: women earn less than men, and one study suggests 77% of men's pay. Others argue that no, the ...

  2. Keystone pipe dream

    Canadian minister of natural resources Joe Oliver on how long Canada is willing to wait on the president to decide on the Keystone pipeline.

  3. Why a stable Ukraine matters to the US economy

    Former Under Secretary of State Robert Hormats on how violence there can impact global trade

  4. Addressing Common Core's biggest concerns

    Critics fear government regulating curriculums

  5. U.S. Backs G20 Crackdown On Global Tax Loopholes

    The United States threw its weight behind a push to make global taxation reform a key goal for the Group of 20 advanced and emerging economies, supporting moves to c...

  6. U.S. backs G20 crackdown on global tax loopholes

    The United States threw its weight behind a push to make global taxation reform a key goal for the Group of 20 advanced and emerging economies, supporting moves to c...

  7. OPEC: World Oil Demand to Rise More than Expected

    World oil demand will rise slightly more than expected in 2014, OPEC said on Wednesday, becoming the second major forecaster this week to predict higher fuel use as ...

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