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Obama Jobs Plan

Improving economy bad for Republican candidates in 2016?

Former President Obama Chief Economic Advisor Austan Goolsbee and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the economy’s potential impact on the 2016 Presidential race.

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  1. Job Growth Fast Enough?

    Christian Dorsey of the Economic Policy Institute and Euler Hermes chief economist Dan North discuss the jobs report from October.

  2. Could a Romney Presidency Boost Job Growth?

    Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu on the Presidential race.

  3. Obama vs. Romney on Jobs

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on Obamas jobs plan and how it compares to Romney’s plan.

  4. Obama ’s Record Not Living Up to His Jobs Plan ?

    FBN’s Gerri Willis on Obama and Romney’s plans to create more jobs.

  5. President Obama's Game Changer

    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa explains why President Obama dominated the Hofstra debate.

  6. Income Envy Playing Role in 2012 Election

    Former Reagan Economic Advisor Art Laffer on the income battle taking place ahead of November’s election.

  7. Hubbard: President Obama Does Not Have a Jobs or Tax Plan

    Romney’s economic adviser Glenn Hubbard on Romney’s jobs and tax reform plan.

  8. Robert Wolf's Final Interview as Top UBS Banker

    Outgoing UBS Americas Investment Bank Chairman Robert Wolf on his decision to start his own firm, the private equity sector, politics and the Libor scandal.

  9. Study: President Obama Has Slowed Economy

    Former deputy assistant to President George Bush a Brad Blakeman nd democratic political strategist Christy Setzer discuss who's to blame for the bad economy.

  10. What Happened to Obama's Jobs Council?

    FBN's Rich Edson on the status of President Obama's jobs council.

  11. Should the Wealthy Be Taxed More?

    InterMedia Partners Managing Director Leo Hindery on Obama ’s plan to extend the tax cuts only for those who make less than $250,000.

  12. Is Romney’s Message Getting Through to Voters?

    Former Sen. Jim Talent (R-Mo.) on Romney’s economic plan and his position on the health-care law.

  1. White House attempts to downplay outcome of midterm elections

    Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway and FNC political analyst Juan Williams on the midterm elections.

  2. Could a tax repatriation holiday boost U.S. jobs?

    FBN’s Charles Payne, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar, Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall, FBN’s Tracy Byrnes and reporter Kate Rogers on whether a tax holiday would benefit the economy.

  3. Should the White House focus on jobs before wages?

    The Daily Caller Managing Editor Christopher Bedford and Layfield Report CEO John Layfield on the renewed push for a minimum wage increase.

  4. GM’s Barra heads to the Hill to testify over vehicle recall

    Rep. Steve Scalise on the investigation into the GM recall scandal.

  5. Sequestration Imperils Obama's Infrastructure Bank

    With the clock counting down to the automatic spending cuts set to hit on March 1, the White House is outlining details of the president's infrastructure plan aimed ...

  6. Further Government Stimulus Needed to Boost Jobs?

    Economic Policy Institute’s Christian Dorsey on what is needed to spur further job creation.

  7. Issue by Issue: Obama's Economic Plans

    President Barack Obama, who has convinced Americans to give him another four years in office, now faces the tough task of getting the U.S. economy to grow more quick...

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