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Valerie Jarrett

  1. Ingraham Angle: My Brother's Keeper

    Laura Ingraham weighs in on President Obama's new initiative

  2. President Obama's 'My Brother's Keeper' initiative

    Ed Henry weighs in on the President's new initiative

  3. Why I went to the White House today

    Talking Points 2/27

  4. Robert Gates addresses claims made in 'Duty'

    Former defense secretary on 'Fox & Friends'

  5. 121313_Politifact_925


  6. President's health care promise named 'lie of the year'

    Dubious honor for President Obama

  7. Does the White House have a priority problem?

    Presidential priorities revealed in Cabinet meetings

  8. Obama claims health care website is turning the corner

    Will president's new push work?

  9. Power Play 11/20/2013: White House braces for doctor dump

    Obama blames Republicans for ObamaCare problems and the President loses the female vote. Plus- why isn't anyone fired over ObamaCare mess?

  10. Stossel 10/31/2013: 'Obamascare'

    A look at the bigger problems surrounding Obamacare

  11. Rocky ObamaCare rollout impacting approval ratings?

    The Hill's Bob Cusack sounds off

  12. Making ObamaCare a little easier to understand founder George Kalogeropoulos on his site and ObamaCare website woes.

  1. Equal pay? Not at the White House, report says

    President Obama will sign two executive orders concerning equal pay for women, but a report finds female White House staffers earn only 88 cents on the dollar compared to men.

  2. President Obama having trouble negotiating with Congress?

    Author Ed Klein sounds off on President Obama.

  3. Networks reject White House request for prime-time slot?

    President touts ObamaCare enrollment in afternoon ceremony

  4. Critics try to silence film exposing war on Mideast women

    CAIR claims film is Islamaphobic

  5. Who’s more powerful: Yellen or Sebelius?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Mary Kissel weighs in on Janet Yellen and Kathleen Sebelius.

  6. Senators McCain & Graham w/Kilmeade

    Senators McCain & Graham sat down with Brian Kilmeade and sounded off on President Obama's handling of Vladimir Putin and Ukraine!

  7. Harmful entertainment

    Talking Points 2/28

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