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Steven Rattner

  1. Romney Senior Adviser Ed Gillespie Tells Chris Wallace How the GOP Candidate’s Economic Plan Differs from Bush


  2. Coming Up on 'Fox News Sunday': June 2

    Ed Gillespie and Steven Rattner discuss how to get America back to work

  3. This week on 'FNS': June 3

    Ed Gillespie, senior adviser to the Romney Campaign, and Obama administration's former Car Czar Steven Rattner

  4. Bain Capital attack backlash?

    Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin reacts

  5. Are the Attacks on Romney’s Business Record Effective?

    Luntz Global Pollster Frank Luntz on the Obama campaign’s ads attacking Romney’s business record and his work at Bain Capital.

  6. Former Car Czar on Auto Sales, Economy

    Former Treasury Secretary Counselor Steven Rattner on the state of the auto industry and the outlook for the economy.

  7. UAW Shifts Focus to Chrysler and Marchionne

    With a tentative agreement with General Motors Co (NYSE:GM) in hand, the United Auto Workers union shifts its focus to Chrysler Group LLC where a one-week contract e...

  8. Fmr. W.H. ‘Auto Czar’ on the Debt Ceiling

    Fmr. White House ‘Auto Czar’ Steven Rattner on efforts to reach an agreement on the debt ceiling.

  9. Fmr. W.H. ‘Auto Czar’ on the Debt Ceiling

    Fmr. White House ‘Auto Czar’ Steven Rattner on efforts to reach an agreement on the debt ceiling.

  10. Fmr. 'Car Czar' on the Auto Industry's Comeback

    Former "Car Czar" Steven Rattner discusses the rebound of the U.S. auto industry.

  11. Congressman Reacts to Detroit Crisis

    Rep. Sander Levin weighs in on the state of the auto industry.

  12. Judging Sotomayor's Success

    Wall Street Journal Deputy Managing Editor Alan Murray on the second day of Judge Sotomayor's confirmation hearing.

  1. Inside Detroit's historic bankruptcy

    Insight from city manager Kevyn Orr

  2. Were the Auto Bailouts Unnecessary?

    Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk argues the government could have saved the automakers with loans that would have been paid back rather than the bailouts.

  3. Power Play 6-11-2012

    Obama’s private sector stumble shifts debate back to stimulus, union clout in doubt, GOPers want Romney to go bold. That and more with Chris Stirewalt. Chat live now...

  4. Obama Economy Doing Fine?

    Chris Stirewalt and Bret Baier discuss the debate between Obama and Romney over the economy

  5. Obama Adviser Steven Rattner on Bush Tax Cuts, Private Equity and the Slow Job Growth


  6. Steven Rattner : President's economic plan is working

    Fmr. Obama administration adviser jobs report, fiscal crisis

  7. Ed Gillespie: Obama policies are hostile to job creators

    Senior Romney camp adviser talks unemployment numbers, 2012 race

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