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Steven Chu

Will new fracking regulations kill the industry?’s Marc Morano discusses new rules for fracking on federal land.

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  1. Will EPA clean air push hurt Democrats at the polls?

    Former Gov. John Sununu, (R-NH), Correspondent Michelle Fields, Progressive columnist Rick Unger and FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on the Obama Administration’s clean air push.

  2. Rep. Johnson: Approve the LNG export permits asap

    Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) weighs in on the Keystone Pipeline and exporting liquefied natural gas.

  3. Energy Dept. Offers Loan Aid Plan for Green Energy

    The U.S. Energy Department on Wednesday unveiled a plan to offer up to $4 billion in loan aid to renewable energy projects, opening up another round of funding for a...

  4. Former U.S. Energy Secretary on why nuclear matters

    Former U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham weighs in on investing in nuclear power.

  5. Former U.S. Energy Secretary on exporting natural gas

    Former U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham says we are moving in the right direction towards exporting natural gas.

  6. Prairie chicken holding up energy expansion in five states?

    Author Bill White weighs in on the energy industry and expansion in the U.S., the budget and government.

  7. Russia-Ukraine crisis speeding up DC push for U.S. natural gas exports?

    FBN’s Peter Barnes on the political push to export U.S. natural gas.

  8. Energy Dept. OKs Nat Gas Export Project

    The U.S. Department of Energy announced on Monday the approval of a seventh application to export natural gas, the agency saying it will continue to evaluate more pr...

  9. T. Boone Pickens: Russia will use gas and oil as weapons of war

    BP Capital CEO T. Boone Pickens weighs in on the impact to oil and gas from the Ukraine crisis.

  10. Obama Orders Higher Fuel Standards for Trucks

    President Barack Obama on Tuesday directed federal agencies to develop higher fuel standards for medium-sized and heavy trucks, another step in his efforts to slash ...

  11. Amprius Looks to Power Up Smartphones, Wearables and Electric Cars

    The lithium-ion battery startup raised $30 million in January and named former Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu to its board of directors.

  12. U.S., China to bid for overseas nuclear projects: U.S. energy secretary

    The United States is committed to working with China on the development of new nuclear reactors in both countries and will also encourage joint bids for projects els...

  1. Bill Richardson: I want to see an end to Iran’s nuclear weapons capacity

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Bill Richardson on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to address Congress and the Obama Administration’s negotiations with Iran.

  2. Cuba’s top diplomat says ‘changes in Cuba aren’t negotiable’

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Bill Richardson on the Obama Administration’s talks with Cuba.

  3. President Obama slams ‘nativist trend’ in Republican Party

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Bill Richardson on immigration and President Obama’s ‘never say never’ comment on a potential U.S. embassy in Iran.

  4. Russian economy paying a price for the incursion into Crimea?

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Bill Richardson on tensions with Russia.

  5. Keystone push more about political theater than oil?

    Former Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham on the future of the Keystone Pipeline.

  6. Will President Obama warm up to oil, gas drilling?

    Manhattan Institute’s Robert Bryce on President Obama’s energy policies and the oil and gas industries.

  7. Why would someone take a job in the Obama Administration’s Cabinet?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the challenges being a member of the Obama Administration’s Cabinet.

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