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Brian and Vali Nasr

Brian and Vali Nasr

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  1. Gen. McChrystal in Hot Water Over Rolling Stone Article

    Rolling Stone Magazine Managing Editor Will Dana on comments by Gen. McChrystal and his aides to the magazine that upset the White House.

  2. GOP to Take Over House?

    FNC's Chris Wallace on what to expect in the November elections.

  3. Christmas Time Terrorism

    FOX News Strategic Analyst Lt. Col Ralph Peters discusses whether or not there will be a terror attack during the holiday season.

  4. Senate May Hold Final Vote on Tax Bill

    FBN's Connell McShane on the final Senate vote on the tax bill coming as soon as today.

  5. Bill O'Reilly on Obama's Politics

    FNC's Bill O'Reilly on the challenges of figuring out the president and his politics.

  6. The Week Ahead 1/09

    Football, memorials and tours

  7. President Obama's Pakistan Problem

    What happens if the government fails in Pakistan?

  8. Quiet Surge

    How long until the left demands a troop withdrawal from Afghanistan?

  9. Foreclosure Strategy

    Will Obama's housing plan stem mortgage defaults or just buy time?

  10. Sen. Joe Lieberman on 'FNS'

    Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee reports from Afghanistan

  11. Foreign Policy

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jumps in with both feet and President Obama lays down the law to one group in the news

  12. Stunning Allegations in New Book

    Did Obama say U.S. could 'absorb' another terror attack?

  1. Power Play 3/20/2013

    Did Obama cave on gun ban? Obama tries to repair bond with Netanyahu and sequester scare far from over

  2. Former State Dept. adviser criticizes Obama's foreign policy

    James Rosen reports from Washington

  3. Power Play 3/5/2013

    Which GOPers should be running scared?

  4. Serbian general's war crimes trial begins at the Hague

    Ratko Mladic accused of helping orchestrate mass murder in Bosnia

  5. Rick Perry's Comments on Turkey

    Chris Stirewalt and James Joyner talk about Perry's comments on Turkey

  6. U.S. Marks 10 Years in Afghanistan

    Where do we stand in America's longest war?

  7. SEC Files Civil Charges Against Kenneth Starr

    FBN's Adam Shapiro on the charges filed against financial advisor Kenneth Starr and Andrew Stein by the U.S. attorney.

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