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Paul Volcker

Fed overly concerned with market reactions?

Payden & Rygel Chief Economist Jeff Cleveland and WSJ Chief Economics Correspondent Jon Hilsenrath on Federal Reserve policy.

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  1. Public pensions: A $3 trillion mess

    Authors of The Rockefeller Institute’s report on underfunded public pensions explain why 14 million public-sector employees may one day lose their retirement benefits.

  2. Banking on financials

    Carrington Investment Services EVP Chris Whalen on JPMorgan and Wells Fargo earnings.

  3. Analysis of budget report

    Manhattan Institute senior fellow Steve Malanga on the State Budget Crisis Task Forces' report on states' fiscal health.

  4. Task force finds state and local finances unsustainable

    State budget crisis task force co-chair Richard Ravitch on fiscal stress on states and local governments.

  5. State Budgets Still in Need of Major Reform

    Despite improving tax revenues and numerous reforms, state and local government finances remain in need of major fixes, a task force said Tuesday.Public employee ret...

  6. Rating Bernanke

    There's little doubt Ben Bernanke was dealt one of the toughest hands any central banker has ever received when he took the reins of the Federal Reserve in 2006.He d...

  7. Senate Confirms Yellen As Fed Chairwoman

    The Senate on Monday approved Janet Yellen to be the first woman to run the Federal Reserve in the central bank's 100-year history. The vote was 56 to 26. Yellen wil...

  8. Senate Confirms Yellen to Take Reigns as Fed Chair

    Janet Yellen, a key force behind the Federal Reserve's unprecedented and controversial efforts to boost the U.S. economy, was confirmed by the Senate on Monday to le...

  9. Four picks for your portfolio in 2014

    NewOak Capital president Jim Frischling gives tips for investing in today's market.

  10. The Federal Reserve's Miracle-Gro Policy

    "We think Janet Yellen will make Ben Bernanke look like Paul Volcker…We expect continued dollar printing no matter what as the money printers believe they are heroic...

  11. Bernanke Reflects on Tumultuous Tenure

    Touting achievements such as increased transparency that mark his own personal stamp on the Federal Reserve Board, as well as economic achievements in the wake of th...

  12. The Fed is easing off the gas, not stepping on the brakes

     One of the wisest investors who also taught and wrote about investing that I have come across was  Martin Zweig , who died this year at the age of 70. Perhaps his w...

  1. SEC Commissioner: There are no bright lines in the Volcker Rule

    SEC Commissioner Dan Gallagher on his concerns over Dodd-Frank financial reform.

  2. Detroit takes a hair cut

    Manhattan Institute senior fellow Steve Malanga gives insight into Detroit's plan for its financial future.

  3. Rate hike on the horizon?

    Former chief economist and senior VP of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Michael Cox on the possibility of the Fed hiking rates.

  4. BlackRock's Fink Hoping Hillary is Ticket to Treasury

    Laurence "Larry" Fink has achieved much during his long career on Wall Street, including creating almost from scratch what is the largest and arguably the most succe...

  5. Community banks celebrate change to Volcker Rule

    FBN’s Peter Barnes on the change to a Volcker Rule provision.

  6. Pimco’s interest rate gamble

    WSJ Chief Economics Correspondent Jon Hilsenrath on Pimco's bet on interest rates.

  7. What's Next for Bernanke?

    As Janet Yellen prepares to become the first female Fed chief, Ben Bernanke must be thinking about   what's next for him after a whirlwind eight-year term at the wor...

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