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Lisa Jackson

Tax dollars used for government portraits

Rep. Bill Cassidy proposes bill to eliminate waste

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  1. 'Private' versus 'secret' email accounts in 'transparent' WH

    If Obama's White House is so open, then why do officials need private or 'secret' email accounts - and what's the real difference between the two?

  2. White House Using Secret Email Accounts to Hide Information?

    Attorney Arthur Aidala and FNC legal analyst Lis Wiehl on the IRS scandal and reports of secret email accounts used by the White House.

  3. How transparent is the Obama administration?

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  4. Members of administration using 'secret' e-mail accounts?

    Ed Henry reports

  5. What are secret government e-mail addresses hiding?

    Republicans want to know which officials have accounts

  6. Gutfeld: The crony was a phony

    Lisa Jackson used unethical alias to reach activists

  7. Power Play 6/4/2013

    China hacking. IRS victims tell their tales. Plus - is Holder digging?

  8. Grapevine: Embarrassing incident for EPA

    Agency awards certificates to fake employee

  9. Brian and Phelim McAleer

    Brian and Phelim McAleer

  10. Cutting Out Fiscal Red Ink ... Literally

    Rep. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana has launched an effort to eliminate another area of potential government waste: oil paintings.Cassidy and several other House Republic...

  11. FNC Video

    FNC Video

  12. EPA nominee under fire for approving dangerous chemical

    Environment being put ahead of safety?

  1. Obama's energy policy on track?

    Congress still not on board with green energy agenda

  2. Political panel reacts to EPA run-around

    Administration pushes green energy agenda without congressional support

  3. President plowing ahead with green energy agenda

    Critics respond to administration's measures

  4. Special Report Online: 8/14/13

    How should U.S. be dealing with Egypt crisis?

  5. New ‘Duck Dynasty’ headed our way?

    The producers of ‘Duck Dynasty’ have created ‘Porter Ridge’ for Discovery

  6. Transparency Troubles: Secrecy concerns mount for Obama in 2nd term

    Secret Emails Sen. John McCain is still trying to get answers out of the O...

  7. Postgame Wrap-Up: 6/5/13

    TV's Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

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