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John Podesta

Rove: Obama treated Ferguson as good TV

Former Adviser to President George G.W. Bush Karl Rove on President Obama’s response to the Ferguson riots, and Chuck Hagel’s resignation.

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  1. ‘Media Matters’ Looking to Make Media More Liberal?

    Daily Caller Senior Online Editor Vince Coglianese argues Media Matters is pushing a more liberal agenda in the media.

  2. Former White House Counsel to IRS: Pull Media Matters’ Tax-Exempt Status

    Second in a three-part seriesC. Boyden Gray, former White House counsel to President George H.W. Bush , filed a civilian complaint with the IRS against the nonprofit...

  3. Jindal: I'm Worried About the EPA

    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal discusses growing government regulation and its impact on the Gulf.

  4. Honoring the Will of the People

    It looks like the President and Democrats in Congress are mounting a full court press to push for even grander schemes of government control. Harry Reid and Nancy Pe...

  5. BP Donations & D.C. Connections

    David sounds off on the political connections between the disgraced oil giant and Capitol Hill politicians.

  6. Christie Hefner on Possibility of More Taxes

    Former Playboy CEO Christie Hefner on options for raising revenue.

  7. Use VAT Tax to Pay Off Deficit?

    Center For American Progress's Michael Linden argues we could use a VAT tax to pay for debt.

  8. Debating Obama's Health Care Plan

    Budgetary trillions

  9. John Podesta on Renewable Energy

    Government secures financing just in case.

  10. Geithner, the Man for the Job?

    Wessel and Rutledge weigh in.

  11. Breaking Down Swing State Economies

    Economy in the swing states

  12. Transitioning to an Obama Administration

    Obama's inner circle

  1. Will President Obama warm up to oil, gas drilling?

    Manhattan Institute’s Robert Bryce on President Obama’s energy policies and the oil and gas industries.

  2. EPA to unveil new regulations impacting coal, natural gas?

    Competitive Enterprise Institute Director of Energy and Environment Myron Ebell on the impact of new potential EPA regulations on coal and natural gas prices.

  3. Climate change hypocrisy from President Obama?

    FBN’s Stuart Varney weighs in on Monica Lewinsky, climate change and the U.S. economy.

  4. Could White House Name Insurance Market CEO?

    The White House is coming under pressure from some of its closest allies on healthcare reform to name a chief executive to run its federal health insurance marketpla...

  5. Treasury Secretary Lew Meets With Labor, Civil Rights Groups

    Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew Monday met with labor leaders, civil rights groups and left-leaning think tanks to discuss the economy, the first such meeting at Treasu...

  6. Greece Worries Hitting European Markets

    FBN’s Diane Macedo breaks down the stories moving the markets around the world.

  7. White House lists two dozen leaders to meet with Obama on deficit

    Two dozen business, labor and civic leaders, including the chief executives of major U.S. corporations such as Ford, IBM and Wal-Mart, will meet President Barack Oba...

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