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John Podesta

ObamaCare? What ObamaCare?

Who are the most vulnerable Senate Democrats? Plus - Primary battles take shape in Okalahoma and Nebraska and the war on coal continues

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  1. Could White House Name Insurance Market CEO?

    The White House is coming under pressure from some of its closest allies on healthcare reform to name a chief executive to run its federal health insurance marketpla...

  2. New year, new executive orders?

    John Podesta ready to push progressive policies?

  3. President Obama’s broken promises

    Ed Henry on the Presidents unfulfilled vows

  4. New rating lows for President Obama?

    Dan Henninger of The Wall Street Journal weighs in on President Obama.

  5. Are government regulations crushing the American Dream?

    New poll suggests belief is fading

  6. President Obama on the run?

    President Obama heads for vacation

  7. The uninsured: Unaware or just scared of ObamaCare?

    Karl Rove on poll that says 58 percent of uninsured haven't even looked at the health care exchanges yet

  8. Fun with Doocy and Hasselbeck

    Fox and Friends co-hosts Steve Doocy & Elizabeth Hasselbeck joined Brian and the comedy ensued

  9. Varney: Obama pajama ad is ‘amateur hour’

    FBN’s Stuart Varney sounds off on the ObamaCare pajama ad and the White House.

  10. New White House advisor compares Republicans to ‘Jonestown’ cult

    FNC radio talk show host John Gibson, Radio talk show host John Kass and FNC contributor Monica Crowley on new White House advisor John Podesta ’s comments about Republicans.

  11. New WH advisor compares Republicans to murderous cult

    Ben LaBolt reacts to John Podesta's comment

  12. Obama on the 'sidelines' - A preview of 2014?

    Political panel on Speaker Boehner's attack on president's lack of leadership on the economy and advisor John Podesta's comparing the GOP to the 'Jonestown Cult'

  1. Rep. Issa: Tonight Americans hope for change in Obama Administration

    Laffer Associates Chairman Art Laffer and Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-Calif.), on what is needed to boost prosperity for all Americans.

  2. Will president avoid national defense issues in SOTU?

    Jennifer Griffin reports

  3. Do Bill Clinton's trysts still count?

    Rand Paul slams Bubba. Plus - it's not the districts: Study shows gerrymandering not to blame for divided government

  4. Have the media lost interest in the NSA scandal?

    A closer look at recent reporting

  5. Obama: America must be vigilant in the face of threats

    President addresses changes to NSA data collection

  6. Should the private sector fix health care in America?

    Some lawmakers push White House to hire ObamaCare 'CEO'

  7. President Obama plans for better year in 2014

    Wendell Goler reports from Honolulu, Hawaii

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