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Hillary Clinton

Why does Bill Clinton smoke $1,000 cigars if they are ‘dead broke’?

FBN’s Charles Payne, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar, Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall, FBN’s Tracy Byrnes and Belpointe Asset Management Chief Strategist David Nelson on whether the Clintons’ spending habits are hurting Hillary Clinton ’s political future.

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  1. Hillary the hawk?

    FOX News political analyst Jehmu Greene and National Review writer Charles Cooke on Hillary Clinton and the shooting death of St. Louis teenager Michael Brown.

  2. What’s the Deal, Neil: Baby Boomers not passing their money to their kids?

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the trend of Baby Boomers leaving their children little or no inheritance.

  3. Hillary Clinton tries to distance herself from President Obama

    FNC contributor Joe Trippi on Hillary Clinton ’s political future.

  4. Obama Administration hurting Democrats’ chances in midterm election?

    Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, (R-Ark.), on the Obama Administration and the midterm election.

  5. Hillary Clinton breaking away from President Obama’s policies?

    Author Daniel Halper on Hillary Clinton and the 2014 midterm elections.

  6. Will the U.S. intervene in Iraq?

    Former U.S. spokesperson at the United Nations Richard Grenell and Fox News correspondent KT Mcfarland on whether President Obama will bring the U.S. back into war in Iraq.

  7. Questions swirl over Patent Office telework system abuse

    FBN’s Peter Barnes on a report about U.S. Patent & Trademark Office employees and the amount of hours they worked from home.

  8. Democrats distancing themselves from Obama’s energy policies?

    Capitol Strategies’ Cheri Jacobus on the U.S. economy, the energy industry, Hillary Clinton and the 2014 midterm elections.

  9. Is the U.S. operation in Iraq too little too late?

    Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge on the White House’s handling of rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

  10. Hillary distancing herself from Obama for 2016?

    Former Clinton advisor Doug Schoen on Hillary Clinton ’s comments on President Obama’s foreign policy.

  11. Should the U.S. be more engaged in Iraq?

    Former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker on the crisis in Iraq and Hillary Clinton .

  12. Hillary Clinton criticized President Obama on Iraq, Syria

    Johns Hopkins professor emeritus Dr. Ben Carson on the U.S. sending arms to Kurds in Iraq and Hillary Clinton ’s comments on Iraq.

  1. Is President Obama detached from current events?

    FNC’s Bret Baier on President Obama’s foreign policy, the crisis in Iraq and the unrest in Ferguson.

  2. U.S. ramps up airstrikes in Iraq

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill on the U.S. strategy in Iraq.

  3. Mitt Romney to make another run at the White House?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on the possibility of Mitt Romney making a run for President in 2016.

  4. Is Chris Christie Republicans best chance against Hillary Clinton in 2016?

    ‘Blood Feud’ author Ed Klein on the 2016 Presidential election and the political fallout of the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

  5. Hillary Clinton the best candidate for Democrats in 2016?

    Political strategist Paul Begala on President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the 2016 presidential race.

  6. Hillary Clinton questions White House policy in Syria

    FNC contributor Michael Goodwin on Hillary Clinton ’s split with the Obama Administration on foreign policy.

  7. Hillary Clinton taking back remarks on Obama’s foreign policy?

    FOX News contributor Monica Crowley on Hillary Clinton ’s criticisms of President Obama’s foreign policy.

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