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Hillary Clinton

Will Hillary Clinton's hiring of ex-Wall Street cop hurt her banking industry relationships?

Outside Advisor to President Obama Robert Wolf discusses whether Hillary Clinton will risk ticking off her banker donors by hiring an ex-Wall Street cop as her CFO.

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  1. Neil’s Spiel: Government spending increasing and prices rising

    Proactive Communications CEO Mark Serrano and Global Gateway Alliance Executive Director Steve Sigmund on colleges raising tuition, Medicare overpaying as hospitals overcharge and government spending.

  2. Will the Clinton Foundation keep foreign donor money?

    American Crossroads President & CEO Steven Law on the Clinton Foundation’s foreign donations and how to campaign to win against Hillary Clinton .

  3. Lou Dobbs on the power of the Clintons

    Lou Dobbs gives his commentary on Bill & Hillary Clinton ’s power, Apple hoarding money overseas and Google's ties to the White House.

  4. Will Hillary Clinton ’s foundation keep foreign donations?

    Fox News Contributor Juan Williams and Common Cause President Miles Rapoport on Hillary Clinton ’s foreign donations and whether she broke any laws in her email scandal.

  5. Chris Christie making a comeback?

    ‘Outnumbered’ Co-Host Andrea Tantaros weighs in on Chris Christie’s comeback, comments against legal pot and Marco Rubio’s wife.

  6. Steve Forbes talks the war over wages and tax reform

    Forbes Media Chairman & Editor-In- Chief Steve Forbes on fast food workers demand for higher minimum wage, Hillary Clinton attacking CEOs pay and the IRS commissioner’s comments on unanswered calls.

  7. Congress inquired about Hillary’s personal email in 2012?

    NY Post Chief Political Columnist Michael Goodwin and Wayne Rogers & Co. Chairman Wayne Rogers on Congress having asked Hillary Clinton about personal emails in 2012.

  8. Perfect time to be president?

    Fox News Contributor Jedediah Bila, Fox News Analyst Monica Crowley and standup comedian Joe DeVito on Hillary Clinton ’s campaign and airport luggage theft.

  9. Is taxation theft?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano and The Wall Street Journal’s Mary Kissel discuss whether taxation is theft and Hillary Clinton ’s email scandal.

  10. Will the mainstream media give Clinton a free pass?

    Letters obtained by Fox News reveal Hillary Clinton ignored questions from Congress on private emails in 2012. Former Senator Scott Brown, (R-Mass), weighs in on the details.

  11. Who will be the next U.S. President?

    Author Deirdre Imus and FNC’s Lis Wiehl weigh in on the 2016 presidential bids of Hillary Clinton , Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.

  12. Neil’s Spiel: Vulnerable 2016 favorites

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto and former Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts), on the outlook for 2016.

  1. RPT: Tax refund delays/errors continue with ID theft victims

    Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist on problems with the IRS, weak security issues and errors with ID theft victim’s information.

  2. Hillary Clinton caught in family fib?

    Comedian Sherrod Small, The Daily Beast columnist Michael Moynihan and anchor Kirsten Haglund discuss Hillary Clinton ’s 2016 presidential bid and her comments on her family’s history.

  3. Fans buzzing about new ‘Star Wars’

    The new ‘Star Wars’ trailer has more than 19 million views on YouTube in 24 hours. Media Buzz Host Howard Kurtz discusses.

  4. Gov. Chris Christie calls for overhaul of Social Security

    Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk weigh in on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s plans to overhaul Social Security and Hillary Clinton ’s 2016 presidential bid.

  5. Boehner: Iran has no desire to give up nuclear weapons

    From the growing threat of terrorism to tax reform and the 2016 elections, FBN’s Maria Bartiromo goes one-on-one in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with House Speaker John Boehner.

  6. Would an Iran nuclear deal make America safer?

    Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham weighs in on Hillary Clinton ’s 2016 presidential bid, the GOP candidates for 2016 and the Iran nuclear talks.

  7. Joe Piscopo on 2016

    Actor, Comedian and Radio Host Joe Piscopo on how 2016 candidates should handle jokes and ridicule.

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