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Gary Locke

Paul Allen gaining respect with sports, real estate moves

Paul Allen, the lesser known co-founder of Microsoft Corp, has struggled for decades to make his mark as a business mogul beyond the software company he started with Bill Gates.Since he quit Microsoft in 1983, the quiet Seattle native has lost billions of dollars on ill-conceived or mistimed technology investments, and he has been mocked as a juvenile playboy manquÛÛ for spending lavishly on giant yachts and off-beat projects like a Frank Gehry-designed rock museum.But in recent years, Allen's ventures in decidedly low-tech sectors ÛÛÛ sports teams, commercial real estate and energy pipelines ÛÛÛ have come to look prescient.Together with a new round of tech investments and an ambitious philanthropy program, they may yet establish Allen as much more than Gates' lucky junior partner.Allen's NBA Portland Trail Blazers and NFL Seattle Seahawks, both purchased years ago for what appeared to be non-business reasons, are now worth many times what he paid for them. Even his part-ownership of t...

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  1. Diplomatic tussle over blind Chinese activist

    All-Star panel weighs in

  2. Inside the Trump-Romney Meeting of the Minds

    Donald Trump details meeting with GOP presidential hopeful, sounds off on alleged role as would-be 2012 'king-maker' and more

  3. Geithner slams China's intellectual property policies

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Thursday that China is holding to its decades-old strategy to steal American intellectual property...

  4. U.S. ambassador urges China to lower trade barriers

    By Michael MartinaBEIJING (Reuters) - China must reduce barriers to foreign companies if it is to meet its own development goals, the U.S. ambassador said in Beijing...

  5. China eases government procurement rules after U.S. pressure

    BEIJING (Reuters) - China will drop some of the "indigenous innovation" rules for government purchases that have riled foreign companies, the Ministry of Finance ann...

  6. Obama Nominates Bryson Commerce Secretary

    President Barack Obama will nominate former Edison International chief executive John Bryson Tuesday to be the next Commerce secretary, filling an important trade jo...

  7. Startup America Looks to Create Jobs

    'Startup America' Founding Board Member Carl Schramm on the administration's efforts to boost job creation.

  8. Penske Emerges as Potential Saturn Buyer

    FBN's Jeff Flock reports on Penske's interest in bidding on Saturn.

  9. Commerce Sec. on Upping U.S. Exports

    Commerce Secretary Gary Locke on America's export initiative.

  10. Locke: Balancing Stimulus and Protectionism

    National Economic Summit: U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke sits down with Alexis Glick and talks about the future of small business and the pitfalls of protectionism.

  11. Fmr. Gov. George Pataki on Health Care

    Former NY Gov. George Pataki, on health care and President Obama's speech.

  12. Sec. of Commerce on Obama's Speech

    U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke on how health-care reform will impact businesses.

  1. Defcon3 10/3/2012

    What should the US expect from the upcoming leadership changes in China? Is the US expanding the covert war in North Africa? Plus could Iran sanctions spark domestic uprisings?

  2. Are union voters in Wisconsin divided?

    Panelists Mark Hannah and Dee Dee Benkie talk about recall results in the blue collar state

  3. Update on Blind Chinese Activist

    Will he come to U.S.?

  4. US, China find solution for blind dissident?

    Overseas study could end diplomatic standoff

  5. Twisted Up in China

    Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese dissident lawyer arrested for suing the regime over forced abortions and sterilizations, is now pleading for asylum after being handed by U.S. officials over to Chinese authorities.

  6. 050312_chen


  7. Update on Blind Chinese Activist

    What were his motives?

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