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Christina Romer

Summers Exit Reshapes Race to Replace Bernanke

Investors are breathing a sigh of relief after Larry Summers dropped out of the Fed chief race, but the renewed uncertainty about who will succeed Ben Bernanke could soon become a headwind on Wall Street.The White House hasn't signaled whether Summers' decision to remove himself from the nominating process will prompt President Obama to appoint Janet Yellen, the reliably-dovish Fed vice chairman who has received support from 400 economists and many Democrats in Washington."The biggest risk to markets right now is time. We thought we would have something this week. But now that is up in the air, even if markets are relieved that Summers is out of the picture, they want... someone," Michael Block, chief strategist at Rhino Trading Partners, wrote in a note to clients on Monday.In a letter to Obama on Sunday, Summers said he "reluctantly concluded" that the confirmation process would be "acrimonious" and "not serve the interests of the Federal Reserve, the Administration, or ultimately, t...

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  1. Inside a Hostile White House

    The Hill Columnist Cheri Jacobus on the new book, “Confidence Men,” and the relationships inside the Obama administration.

  2. White House Refuses to Project Job Growth Under New Plan

    FBN’s Peter Barnes breaks down the latest data from the president’s jobs plan.

  3. Obama’s Big Job Speech

    Former Regan economic advisor Art Laffer speaks out on the U.S. economy, unemployment and President Obama’s jobs plan.

  4. Administration Continues Push for Tax Hikes on the Rich

    Selig & Associates’ David Selig on why better accounting standards and reforming the tax code would be more helpful for the government than increasing taxes on the wealthy.

  5. Varney: DSK Case 'Classic Mess'

    FBN's Stuart Varney weighs in on the sexual assault case against DSK and the possibilities of him reviving his political career.

  6. Do Higher Taxes and More Government Rules Create Jobs?

    Do more government rules create private sector, or government jobs? Do more government rules incentivize bureaucrats to keep the rule machine grinding, to justify th...

  7. Changing of the Guard in the Administration

    FBN’s Bull and Bears panel debate which direction the president's new economic team will take the administration.

  8. Cablevision, News Corp. Dispute Drags on

    FBN's Connell McShane on the dispute over fees between Cablevision and FOX Business Network parent-company News Corp.

  9. Regulators Seize Three Banks in Kansas, Missouri

    FBN's Connell McShane on the number of banks closed this year rising to 132.

  10. Fed Undaunted by Uncertain Prospects for Money Printing

    The U.S. Federal Reserve runs the risk of diminishing returns from its next round of money printing to amplify the subdued economic recovery, but that won't stop it ...

  11. White House defends economic stimulus plan

    (Inserts McConnell comment, paragraphs 6-7)By Patricia ZengerleWASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's $814 billion economic stimulus plan is meeting its tar...

  12. SCENARIOS-Obama staff changes may signal fresh start

    By Caren BohanWASHINGTON (Reuters) - The exit of top aide RahmEmanuel and other staff changes give President Barack Obama achance to signal a fresh start as he tries...

  1. White House Shoots Down Summers Report

    It's no secret Larry Summers is the front runner to become the next Fed chief, but the White House denied a report on Friday that suggested the brilliant economist s...

  2. 400 Economists Sign On for Yellen as Fed Chair

    More than 400 U.S. economists have signed an open letter initiated by the Institute for Women's Policy Research urging President Barack Obama to select Janet Yellen ...

  3. Summers Said to Be Interested in Fed Chief Job

    Some friends of Larry Summers believe the brilliant but prickly economist is more than a little interested in taking Fed chief Ben Bernanke's job, according to a pub...

  4. So, What if it's Not Yellen?

    With President Obama hinting this week that Ben Bernanke is ready to retire, the race to replace the chairman of the Federal Reserve is set to heat up this fall.Whil...

  5. Ann Coulter on the Women Vote

    “Mugged” author Ann Coulter on the Presidential candidates’ efforts to gain support of women voters.

  6. What Will Really Rebuild a Battered Middle Class?

    U.S. factories are hiring again, and Democratic President Barack Obama and some of his Republican rivals are pitching tax breaks to fuel a rebound in manufacturing a...

  7. Is the Jobs Number a Positive Sign?

    Angrisani Turnarounds President Al Angrisani gives his outlook for unemployment.

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