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Carol Browner

Startup says it’s saved consumers $200M on energy bills

Opower CEO Dan Yates speaks with’s Gabrielle Karol about how the startup works to help consumers cut down energy bills.

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  1. How Should the Payroll Tax Cut Extension be Paid for?

    Rep. Cliff Stearns, (R-Fla.), on efforts to reach a compromise on how to pay for the extension of the payroll tax cut and the investigation into Solyndra.

  2. Michelle Malkin on Solyndra Scandal: There Are So Many of These Deals That Need the Same Scrutiny

    he Obama administration is moving to finalize as many as 15 loan guarantees for renewable energy companies before the stimulus program ends on Sept. 30, and Republicans are questioning whether that could lead to more failures like Solyndra Inc., a company that filed for bankruptcy and may leave taxpayers on the hook for a half-billion-dollar loan. Michelle Malkin says when it comes to Solyndra, “this is the tip of the green iceberg.”

  3. Lieberman on U.S./Pakistan Relations

    Sen. Joe Lieberman, (I-Conn.), on the continued efforts to fight terrorism in the Middle East.

  4. Beck: Power Outage

    What will America use for energy?

  5. White House Loses Another Policy Advisor

    FBN's Connell McShane reports that White House Senior Policy Advisor Carol Browner is leaving her post in the administration.

  6. Previewing the State of the Union Address

    FBN's Rich Edson breaks down the president’s talking points for his State of the Union address.

  7. Ferraro: Czars a Good Thing

    Former vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro discusses why she is in favor of the president's oversight committee.

  8. Could Madoff's Ponzi Scheme Been Prevented?

    Capitalistpig's Jonathan Hoenig, U.S. PIRG Federal Office Director Gary Kalman and former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino on what could have prevented the now-infamous Ponzi scheme.

  9. White House Gone Overboard on Czars?

    'Culture of Corruption' Author Michelle Malkin, FOX News Political Analyst Ellis Henican, and Patrick Morris of Hagin Investment Management on whether the White House has gone too far in the number of czars its appointed.

  10. Pickens: Natural Gas Must Replace Oil

    Oil Tycoon T. Boone Pickens on his attempts to curb the U.S.' dependency on foreign oil.

  11. White House Energy Adviser on Offshore Drilling

    White House Energy Adviser Carol Browner breaks down the administration's plans for offshore drilling and exploration.

  12. Pickens' Plan

    BP Capital Management Chairman T. Boone Pickens discusses the progress of the Pickens Plan.

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  2. EPA e-mail scandal questions still unanswered

    Chris Horner exposed flap

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  4. Lawmakers Push for Investigation of EPA Administrator Emails

    Competitive Enterprise Institute Director Myron Ebell on efforts to investigate EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s use of government-assigned email with a fake name.

  5. Fox News Reporting: Behind Obama's Green Agenda

    Roots of president's environmental program

  6. BP Denied Access to WH Emails in Spill Case

    A federal judge on Monday denied BP Plc access to 21 emails and other documents sent among White House and other U.S. officials related to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oi...

  7. More Solyndra-esque debacles?

    Chairman of House Oversight and Government Reform Committee explains why he wants more investigations on stimulus-fueled loans approved by DOE

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