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Arne Duncan

Obama Outlines New Federal Student Aid Plan

President Barack Obama on Thursday proposed a plan to tackle soaring U.S. education costs with a new system that judges colleges and universities on their financial value and ties those ratings to disbursement of federal aid.The Democratic president, who has spent much of the summer promoting new ideas to rev up the economy, unveiled his proposals at the start of a campaign-like bus tour through New York and Pennsylvania.The plan calls on the Education Department to institute a ratings system before the 2015 school year that would allow students and parents to select schools based on the best value for the money.Obama would then push Congress to tie federal student aid to these ratings by 2018, creating an incentive for schools to keep their costs in check.The plan also aims to ease the pain of federal student loan debt by limiting payments on the loans to 10 percent of borrowers' monthly income.Major parts of the plan require congressional approval, which may prove difficult. Universi...

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  1. Duncan : Need to Educate Our Way to Better Economy

    U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan on revamping and investing in the education system .

  2. Education Secretary the State of Education in America

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan on the state of education and how we can improve America’s educational system.

  3. Duncan : We Need to Elevate the Teaching Profession

    Arne Duncan , secretary of Education , on raising the bar for teachers in order to better the U.S. education system, and how unions factor into education.

  4. Duncan : America's Teachers Are Underpaid

    Secretary of Education Arne Duncan weighs in on whether teaching is still a sought-after profession.

  5. Education Secretary: Educate our Way to Better Economy

    Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on the department’s plans to improve the U.S. education system.

  6. Sec. of Education: Need More Math, Science Teachers

    Secretary of Education Arne Duncan argues we need to hire and pay more math and science teachers.

  7. Tonight’s Show: Kids vs Bureaucrats (FBN @9pm ET)

    September 16, 2010 02:35 PM UTC by John StosselTonight’s Show: Kids vs Bureaucrats (FBN @9pm ET)On tomorrow night’s show (FBN @ 9pm ET), it’s the Kids vs the Bureauc...

  8. More alum of for-profit schools can't pay loans-US

    * Shares in sector broadly higher (Recasts)By Diane BartzWASHINGTON, (Reuters) - More former students offor-profit colleges are defaulting on student loans, the U.S....

  9. Education Secretary Calls for Complete Transparency

    'The Cartel’' director Bob Bowden on Education Secretary Arne Duncan ’s push for states to publicize student test data.

  10. Teachers Union Pres. Sounds of on Standardized Testing

    United Teachers of Los Angeles President A.J. Duffy argues standardized test scores are not a good indicator of student abilities or teacher performance.

  11. School Vouchers Die Again

    May 11, 2010 04:07 PM UTC by John StosselSchool Vouchers Die Again  “One Republican legislator, a former public school teacher, was in tears on the House floor, begg...

  12. Broad: We Need Better Education System

    Philanthropist Eli Broad on why he is trying to reform the nation’s educational system.

  1. Sequestration Not Living Up to Past 'Crises'

    Sequestration hasn't seemed to capture the nation's attention in quite the same way as past manufactured fiscal crises.Perhaps it's the term itself. Few people know ...

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    The president has been busy touring the country this week warning Americans about the damaging effects of the automatic spending cuts, but some experts say his cauti...

  3. White House Backs Away From Sequester Details

    The White House on Thursday backed away from descriptions of at least one specific impact of the across-the-board spending cuts due to begin Friday, also known as th...

  4. Financial Lessons Learned

    Aside from the unswerving advice to spend less than you make, personal finance wisdom has a way of evolving year by year, as the economy, tax laws, and other variabl...

  5. National Small Business Week, May 20-26

    Since 1963, the SBA has been hosting National Small Business Week — an event aiming to honor and empower small-business owners. Find out what to expect from this yea...

  6. Is Tech the Way to Get Higher Education Back on Track?

    It seems everyone is squawking about higher education these days.Tuition costs are spiraling  and on top of that, student loan default rates are soaring. Cumulative ...

  7. Obama Acts to Ease Burden of Student Loans

    President Barack Obama is taking steps to ease the burden of student loans, the White House said on Tuesday, potentially helping millions of cash-strapped college gr...

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