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Ray Kelly

Are Homegrown threats increasing as ISIS sympathizers grow?

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly on catching ISIS sympathizers in the U.S. and stopping homegrown terror.

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  1. Stossel 02/20/2014: Stossel U

    Special edition of 'Stossel' hosted at the Student's for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C.

  2. A Tale of 2 Speeders

    Two drivers make breakneck high-speed runs on public roads, one around Manhattan and the other across the country.Both finish without accidents or getting nabbed by ...

  3. Colorado Shooting Reverberates Across Entertainment Industry

    Companies across the entertainment business were shocked Friday by a shooting in Colorado during Friday's "The Dark Knight Rises" premiere that left 12 dead and many...

  4. President Obama: Today is a Day for Prayer

    Former FBI investigator Bill Daley on what investigators are facing with the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shooting.

  5. 48 Charged in $500M Medicaid Scheme

    U.S. prosecutors unsealed charges Tuesday against 48 defendants for participating in what investigators said was the largest ever prescription drug scheme that invol...

  6. Grasso: Economy is Struggling

    Former NYSE CEO Dick Grasso on the state of economic growth.

  7. NYPD Wrapped Up in Manhattan Madam Scandal?

    Bo Dietl of discusses whether the police were involved in prostitution ring.

  8. Grasso: Goal Not to Win Nomination, But Election

    Former NYSE CEO Dick Grasso on Mitt Romney’s win in Florida and the run-up to the 2012 election.

  9. From the Streets to Cyberspace: U.S. Gangs Turn to White-Collar Crime

    When is credit-card theft a good thing? When the culprits might otherwise be killing you.The Federal Bureau of Investigation says national gangs like the Bloods and ...

  10. Wall Street Protesters Can't Bring Sleeping Bags, Tents Back Into Park

    New York City's top cop said Thursday that the "Occupy Wall Street " protesters who clear out of Zuccotti Park Friday, so their makeshift campsite can get a much-nee...

  11. Police Arrest 700 in Wall Street Protest

    New York City police say about 700 protesters have been arrested after they swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge and shut down a lane of traffic for several hours.The group O...

  12. What Did Rep. Paul Not Get to Say in Last Debate?

    Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), visits Manhattan to talk about the debt, why the military loves him and what he didn't get to say in the last debate.

  1. Ray Kelly talks ISIS threats, cybersecurity

    Former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly discusses the global threat of ISIS, cyber security and being chosen to perform a terrorism-preparedness audit for New York.

  2. Risks companies are facing

    Former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and John Santora of Cushman & Wakefield on the risks companies are facing when moving into emerging markets.

  3. Focus of ISIS on the Middle East or are they setting their sights on U.S.?

    Former U.S. Central Command Commander Adm. William Fallon on the potential threat to the U.S. from ISIS.

  4. Will Americans have to give up some civil liberties in an effort to fight ISIS?

    Former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on how efforts to fight terror groups impact Americans and their privacy.

  5. Will the new Russian sanctions rattle markets?

    J. Streicher Asset Management President Todd Schoenberger and Glenmede Director of Investment Strategy Jason Pride discuss the impact of Australia’s rising terror alert level and Russian sanctions on the markets.

  6. Kelly: New York still the biggest stage for terrorism

    Former NYPD police commissioner Ray Kelly on how New York is protecting itself from terrorism and his insight on cyberattacks.

  7. Ex-NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly on ISIS threat to U.S.

    Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly on the potential threat from ISIS in the U.S., Al Sharpton’s planned protest in New York City and the state of crime in the city.

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