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North Korea Fires Artillery Shells

Tensions mount after North, South Korea exchange fire

Jonathan Hunt reports from New York City

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  1. DefCon 3 4/3/2013

    What threat does North Korea pose to the US? Is there something different with this year's US-SK joint exercises and the predictable North Korean crisis? KT McFarland and guests explore

  2. US moves missile defense system to coast of Korean peninsula

    What does move mean for region?

  3. Seoul Lashes Back at North Korea

    South Korea said Monday it would speed up plans to develop missile-defense systems, as President Park Geun-hye called for "strong retaliation" against any provocatio...

  4. Are North Korean Rockets a Threat to the U.S.?

    Retired Gen. Bob Scales, FNC military analyst, and technology entrepreneur Rod Martin assess the potential military threat from North Korea .

  5. North Korean dictator vows to 'settle accounts' with US

    Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon

  6. New North Korean threats more 'bluster'?

    Major General Bob Scales weighs in

  7. Fears North Korea will conduct another nuke test

    What are intentions of rogue regime?

  8. US envoy to UN: North Korea nuclear test would be dangerous

    KT McFarland weighs in

  9. Latest on N. Korea Nuclear Missile

    Launch expected any time

  10. North Korea's balance of power

    Gordon Chang on missile tests and its relationship with Iran

  11. Potential Scenarios for North Korea Future

    Will government transition be positive?

  12. World Braces for Transition in North Korea

    Nation's future after Kim Jong Il

  1. North Korea fires six short-range missiles in three days

    Greg Palkot reports from London

  2. North Korea warns foreigners to leave South Korea

    David Piper reports from Seoul, South Korea

  3. Sen. McCain on intensifying tensions in North Korea

    What are the major concerns ahead?

  4. How Does Tension With North Korea Impact U.S. Businesses?

    Institute for the Study of War’s Chris Harmer and The Foreign Policy Initiative’s Chris Griffin on growing tensions with North Korea and its potential economic impact.

  5. Geraldo Rivera on North Korea

    Fox News' Geraldo Rivera on North Korea and a nuclear threat.

  6. How to deal with issues in North Korea , Syria

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  7. US not taking any chances with North Korea

    Officials working to dial down tensions following heated rhetoric from regime's new leader

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