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North American Free Trade Agreement

Why do people get worked up over flying?

FOX News Medical A-Team’s Dr. Keith Ablow on corporate tax rates, Jay Carney, Airbus’ new patent request and John Kerry.

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  1. Wealthy wife, happy life?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino and ‘Marry Smart’ author Susan Patton discuss a new report that revealed husbands are happier when they don’t out-earn their wives.

  2. Energy the place to invest?

    U.S. Trust CIO Chris Hyzy and Palisade Capital Management CIO Dan Veru on China’s interest in Rosneft, commodities and the energy markets.

  3. Fed’s Fisher: Regulation is scaring jobs away

    Dallas Fed president Richard Fisher on the impact of regulation on small business startups.

  4. Norquist: GOP-led states reduced taxes by $36B since 2011

    Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist on tax differences in red and blue states.

  5. The middle-class squeeze

    Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist on why it doesn’t make sense to raise taxes on the wealthy to help the middle class.

  6. Acustom Apparel: A game-changer for menswear?

    ELEVATOR PITCH, The Judges React: Acustom Apparel CEO Jamal Motlagh, founder Scott Kurnit, Greycroft Partners’s Mark Terbeek and FBN contributor Bob Rice discuss menswear startup Acustom Apparel.

  7. Kennedy’s energy plan

    Kennedy, Matt Welch and Kmele Foster on fracking, mass transportation and going green.

  8. 'Vast Opportunities' Await U.S. Oil Moguls in Mexico

    As Mexico works to denationalize its oil and gas market after seven decades, billions of dollars of potential profits and opportunity are waiting to be scooped up.Ho...

  9. The Independents tackle religion

    FNC’s Santita Jackson and Democratic political consultant Basil Smikle join the Independents to talk about the Catholic church and religion.

  10. American Cheese Makers vs. EU in Food-Name Fight

    In Connecticut, Sen. Chris Murphy is hosting the Connecticut Cheese Challenge to draw attention to European efforts to restrict American farmers’ ability to call their cheese by names like feta, parmesan and muenster.

  11. What's the best way to go back to work after a vacation?

    CEO adviser Peter Bregman shares the best way to get back in the flow

  12. Paul Begala on Ukraine, CPAC

    Political strategist Paul Begala on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, his ‘musical Mount Rushmore,’ the crisis in Ukraine and CPAC.

  1. The border crisis a policy-driven issue?

    Rep. Candice Miller, (R-Mich.), on the mounting border crisis.

  2. For Brazil, soccer not the only disaster?

    UBS Head of Global Emerging Markets Strategy Geoffrey Dennis on Brazil’s economic outlook.

  3. For Brazil, soccer not the only disaster?

    UBS Head of Global Emerging Markets Strategy Geoffrey Dennis on Brazil’s economic outlook.

  4. Will the Heat’s ‘big three’ stay in South Beach?

    The Vinnie from Queens panel weighs in on the 2014 World Cup, the Redskins name controversy and the Miami Heat.

  5. Social media hurting interpersonal relationships?

    FOX News Medical A-Team’s Dr. Keith Ablow on the impact of social media on interpersonal relationships and President Obama.

  6. Time to buy Coke?

    Doug Cote of Voya Investment Management and Chris Bertelsen of Global Financial Private Capital on whether Coca-Cola is a good investment and their outlooks for growth.

  7. Zell: Mexico , Colombia have great prospects

    Equity Group Investments chairman Sam Zell talks immigration reform, politics and the best places to invest.

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