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House Report: ObamaCare Subsidies Via Federal Exchanges 'Unauthorized'

The controversial subsidies offered under Affordable Care Act, which lower the cost of care for individuals and families that purchase insurance on federal and state exchanges, have been at the heart of several nationwide lawsuits since the law was signed in 2010. And now the head of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is taking aim at them."Our oversight has concluded that IRS officials did not properly consider the plain text and legislative history of the Affordable Care Act when the agency decided to expand ObamaCare's health insurance subsidies to individuals on the federal exchange. The IRS' unilateral decision resulted in millions of dollars in unauthorized funding. This decision to bypass the law has created troubling uncertainty that may ultimately create significant hardship for Americans who are counting on government subsidized health care," House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa, (R-Calif.), told in a sta...

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  1. Kennedy: Romney Needs to Connect with Voters

    Stossel Special Correspondent Kennedy breaks down the highlights from the RNC.

  2. What Voters Want to Hear From Ann Romney

    Public Notice executive director Gretchen Hamel weighs in on the Republican National Convention.

  3. Florida AG on the Election, Republican Convention

    Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on the key issues for women in the Presidential election.

  4. Overnight Leader: How Romney Should Pick a VP

    Spiro Agnew, Geraldine Ferraro, John Edwards, Sarah Palin.Three aspired to be a heartbeat from the Presidency. One actually was.Here is a question for you: "Do you b...

  5. Sean Hannity on the Wisconsin Recall Election

    FNC’s Sean Hannity on the impact of the Wisconsin recall election on other states and on the Presidential election.

  6. Video Shows S.C. Union Leader Bashing Pinata of Gov. Haley

    South Carolina AFL-CIO Officer Brett Bursey on criticisms of a S.C. union leader hitting a piñata of the state’s Governor.

  7. Craig Becker Riding D.C.’s Revolving Door

    Barbara Comstock of the Workforce Fairness Institute on the Former NLRB official who was named co-general counsel of the AFL-CIO.

  8. Romney’s Expanding List of Potential Running Mates

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs helps Mitt Romney to narrow down his list of possible Vice Presidential candidates.

  9. Haley’s Journey to the Head of the Palmetto State

    South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on her new book, “Can’t Is Not an Option”.

  10. Gov. Haley on Politics in the South

    Governor Nikki Haley on her new book and the state of South Carolina politics.

  11. Moody’s Downgrades GE and GE Capital

    FBN’s Diane Macedo breaks down the stories moving the markets ahead of the trading day.

  12. Government Greed: America's Most Corrupt States

    Earlier this week, the Center for Public Integrity released a report detailing the risk of corruption and lack of accountability in all 50 states. The findings of th...

  1. S.C. May Exempt Residents from ObamaCare

    Even though the highest court in the U.S. rule the Affordable Care Act constitutional in June 2012, some Republicans aren't backing down when it comes to blocking th...

  2. Coastal Governors Want More Offshore Drilling

    Governors of coastal states say the shadow cast by Deepwater Horizon has loomed too large and lingered too long--now they want more drilling off their coasts and the...

  3. NC Governor: Come Do Business Here

    Gov. Pat McCrory, (R-NC), on the state’s efforts to attract businesses to the state with its low tax environment.

  4. What Worked in Obama’s Campaign Strategy?

    “The Amateur” author Ed Klein and Brad Blakeman, former Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush, on the factors in the Presidential race that led to Obama’s re-election.

  5. Boeing faces union drive at 787 plant in South Carolina

    NORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Reuters) - A union representing machinists and aerospace workers took a step closer to organizing Boeing Co's South Carolina plant ...

  6. The Game Changing Re-Branding of Mitt Romney

    You can't successfully market a product or a candidate without a clear brand. And that's been the biggest problem with Mitt Romney and Republicans. They haven't had ...

  7. Wallach: Women Were ‘Rock Stars’ at RNC

    Miriam L. Wallach, host of “That’s Life,” weighs in on Ann Romney’s speech at the RNC’s opening night.

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