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New York City Police Department

Ex-NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly on ISIS threat to U.S.

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly on the potential threat from ISIS in the U.S., Al Sharpton’s planned protest in New York City and the state of crime in the city.

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  1. Bo Dietl: Chicago needs more police

    Former NYPD Homicide Detective Bo Dietl on the mounting violence in Chicago.

  2. Chicago Mayor trying to raise minimum wage to fight crime?

    Former NYPD Officer Bill Stanton on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposal of a minimum wage hike to reduce crime in the city.

  3. Stossel 05/01/2014: You Can't Say That

    Stossel and guests look at recent examples of free speech being squelched

  4. Independents After Hours on terrorism

    The Independents’ web show tackles the topic of terrorism and power struggles around the world.

  5. Understanding the power of social media

    Silverback Social CEO Chris Dessi on Facebook and the power of social media.

  6. Bo Dietl on Eric Holder, U.S. defense budget cuts

    FOX News contributor Bo Dietl on Eric Holder, the U.S. military and the Ukraine crisis.

  7. The pocket drone: Personal photographer or spy machine?

    AirDroid co-founder Timothy Reuter on the company and its flying pocket drone.

  8. Stossel 02/20/2014: Stossel U

    Special edition of 'Stossel' hosted at the Student's for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C.

  9. Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead At 46: WSJ

    Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Manhattan apartment Sunday afternoon, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing law enforcement officials. The ...

  10. Bill Bratton To Be Next NY Police Commissioner

    Bill Bratton, who served as New York City Police Department commissioner in the 1990s, is returning to his old role under incoming mayor Bill de Blasio, according to...

  11. Fighting Bad Guys in the Future

    The Chief's Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City set a world record last month for the loudest NFL stadium at a whopping 137 decibels – about equivalent to a jet engine....

  12. A Tale of 2 Speeders

    Two drivers make breakneck high-speed runs on public roads, one around Manhattan and the other across the country.Both finish without accidents or getting nabbed by ...

  1. Calls for the demilitarization of the police

    Former NYPD Officer Bill Stanton on calls for the Dept. of Defense to stop distributing surplus military equipment to local police departments.

  2. National Guard heads to Ferguson

    Former NYPD Private Investigator Tom Ruskin and Fox and Friend’s host Brian Kilmeade weigh in on whether police should wear body cameras.

  3. Michael Bloomberg weighs in on FAA travel ban to Israel

    Former NYC mayor speaks out in Jerusalem

  4. Excessive force kills man over selling illegal cigarettes

    Hot Air’s Mary Katharine Ham with details on the new black market for cigarettes.

  5. Air travel antics political editor Guy Benson and author Michael Malice on their unpleasant travel experiences.

  6. Gasparino on behind-the-scenes at Sun Valley

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on what really happened at the Sun Valley media conference.

  7. Charlie Gasparino on Sun Valley, Goldman

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino weighs in on the Allen & Co. media conference and why investors are closely eyeing Goldman’s earnings.

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