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Foul play in Total CEO’s plane crash?

FOX News contributor Judy Miller on the plane crash that killed Total CEO Christophe de Margerie and Sweden’s hunt for the ‘mystery’ submarine.

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  1. Gen. Wesley Clark: Need to have boots on the ground

    Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark, (Ret.), on the Obama Administration’s handling of foreign policy issues such as ISIS, Russia and China.

  2. Gen. Wesley Clark: America hates this divisive politics

    Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark, (Ret.), on the need for energy independence, the state of politics in America and why he is not planning to run for office again.

  3. Feldstein: Obama is an anti-defense president

    Former Council of Economic Advisers chairman Martin Feldstein argues the U.S. can only beat ISIS by spending more on defense.

  4. John Bolton on Russia, ISIS

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton discusses how Russia’s latest retaliation against sanctions impacts the U.S.

  5. U.S. strikes hit ISIS-controlled refineries

    Fox News national Security Analyst KT McFarland and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Judith Miller weigh in on the battle with ISIS.

  6. Airstrikes continue targeting Islamic State oil

    Four Star General-US Air Force (Ret.) Richard B. Myers discusses airstrikes in Syria.

  7. Dobbs Commentary: Obama U.N. speech

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs gives his commentary on President Obama’s U.N. speech calling for united action against ISIS.

  8. Who will take over the White House in 2016?

    The Mensa panel weighs in on American-born ISIS members, the 2016 presidential election and Derek Jeter.

  9. Who’s paying for the fight against ISIS?

    Lt. Col. Oliver North on U.S. airstrikes and the U.S.-Arab coalition against ISIS.

  10. U.S. airstrikes against ISIS too late?

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and former Rep. Thaddeus McCotter on President Obama’s strategy for fighting ISIS in the Middle East.

  11. Did ISIS provoke the U.S. into combat?

    Former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker on President Obama’s strategy for fighting ISIS.

  12. U.S., Arab allies launch airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria Theodore Kattouf on the airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

  1. Obama changes stance on Ebola?

    The Independents, Political Editor Guy Benson and Forbes Senior Political Contributor Rick Ungar discuss Obama’s angry ‘outrage’ speeches on Ebola.

  2. iSight finds flaw in Microsoft Windows used as cyber-espionage

    ISight Partners VP Patrick McBride explains finding a zero-day vulnerability impacting Microsoft Windows allegedly used by Russian hackers

  3. ISIS gaining momentum despite airstrikes

    Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman discusses how ISIS' numbers are growing and how Turkey has chosen not to help battle ISIS.

  4. Turkey denies deal allowing U.S. to use bases for ISIS strikes

    Dean of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University James Stavridis discusses the fighting in Kobani and U.S. involvement against ISIS.

  5. Democratic ad blames budget cuts on Ebola in U.S.

    Talk Radio host Dana Loesch and Fox News political analyst Ed Rollins discuss the president's and CDC’s handling of Ebola.

  6. President Obama at odds with the U.S. military?

    Lt. Col. Oliver North weighs in on President Obama, military funding and the fight against ISIS in the Middle East.

  7. Islamic State seized one third of Syrian Town Kobani

    Concerned Veterans for America CEO Pete Hegseth argues the Kurds are not equipped to deal with ISIS and save the Syrian town of Kobani.

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