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Exclusive: Former Qwest CEO shares his insider-trading story

Former Qwest Communications CEO Joe Nacchio speaks to FBN’s Maria Bartiromo in his first TV interview since being released from prison for insider trading.

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  1. Rogers: 'Putin is playing chess... we're playing marbles'

    Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee breaks down the 'big picture' of the crisis in the Ukraine

  2. UK police arrest former Gitmo detainee

    Man suspected of helping terrorists in Syria

  3. War in Syria stirs new debate on cyber attacks

    Jonathan Hunt reports from New York

  4. ObamaCare? What ObamaCare?

    Who are the most vulnerable Senate Democrats? Plus - Primary battles take shape in Okalahoma and Nebraska and the war on coal continues

  5. How Benghazi attack could have been prevented

    Inside the findings of new Senate report

  6. Gates book further exposes an aloof president?

    Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani sounds off on former defense secretary Robert Gates' allegations in his forthcoming book

  7. WH steps up damage control after Robert Gates criticism

    New tell-all slams, praises President Obama

  8. Reaction to Robert Gates' comments about Obama WH

    KT McFarland weighs in

  9. 010714_iraq_900


  10. Rep. Duncan Hunter outraged as Al Qaeda takes over Fallujah

    Congressman says Obama 'abandoned' what veterans fought for

  11. 'Zero Dark Thirty' leak investigators targeted

    Washington waging war on whistleblowers?

  12. RPT: Retired FBI Agent Missing in Iran

    Robert Levinson was working on a covert unapproved mission for the CIA when he was abducted.

  1. White House sending mixed messages over Ukraine crisis?

    International affairs expert Michael Singh weighs in

  2. Tech Execs Huddle at White House

    Executives from some of the largest Internet companies are once again gathering at the White House to meet with President Barack Obama on Friday.The meeting is inten...

  3. Russian-American Chamber president on capital flight out of Russia

    Sergei Millian of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce on their website hacking and the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

  4. Senators McCain & Graham w/Kilmeade

    Senators McCain & Graham sat down with Brian Kilmeade and sounded off on President Obama's handling of Vladimir Putin and Ukraine!

  5. US intelligence community caught off guard by Putin's move?

    Officials pursue diplomatic options

  6. Did Sochi distract US from growing Ukrainian crisis?

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  7. What is Putin's plan?

    FOX News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Vladimir Putin, possible sanctions against Russia and the crisis in Ukraine.

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