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National Do Not Call Registry

Charities short-changed

Charity Navigator CEO Ken Berger says many dollars going to charities are actually being paid to telemarketers.

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  1. Seniors Being Targeted With Medical Alert Scam

    Consumer Watchdog Privacy Project Director John Simpson on the latest scam targeting senior citizens.

  2. Hang up Quick: The car Insurance Robocall Scam

    Lucky you! You've been selected for lower car insurance rates due to a review of your driving record, or perhaps rate changes that have recently taken place in your ...

  3. FNC Video


  4. Megyn Kelly's heated debate with Kermit Gosnell's attorney

    Jack McMahon on 'America Live'

  5. Startup Digitizes Your Physical Mail

    Outbox Inc. co-founder Will Davis talks about his business that tries to help you eliminate junk mail.

  6. FTC Pushing for Privacy Controls on Mobile Devices

    FBN's Shibani Joshi on the FTC looking to secure smartphones.

  7. The “Do Not CallList Losing Its Grip

    FBN’s Stuart Varney sounds off on the “ Do Not Calllist and the loopholes that impact your life.

  8. Do Not Call Stuart Varney

    FBN’s Stuart Varney breaks down his pet peeves.

  9. Are You Overcharged by Your Cellphone Company?

    There's a new, looming cellphone danger out there -- cramming.Cellphone cramming happens when you're billed for third-party charges you didn't authorize. Because the...

  10. Fraud: 6 Scams Aimed at the Elderly

    If you're visiting your elderly mom or dad and see an excessive amount of junk mail, take note: Your elderly parent might be a prime target for fraud."If your parent...

  11. How to Stop Debt Collection Robocalls

    Dear To Her Credit,What are my rights when a debt collector keeps robodialing from a blocked phone number? Once I picked up the phone, and they identified the debt b...

  12. Complaints about automated phone solicitations skyrocket

    What's behind the increase in robocalls and can they really be stopped?

  1. Tracking shoppers by phone

    Turnstyle solutions co-founder Chris Gilpin on what stores can track from shoppers’ smartphones.

  2. How to eliminate annoying robocalls

    On a single day in mid-December, Nancy Duke's phone rang three times with the same pre-recorded sales pitch. It claimed that the Elgin, Texas, resident could win $3,...

  3. Snapchat's Hack: What Users Should Do Now

    Snapchat is the latest big company to fall prey to a data breach with 4.6 million of its users having their names and phone numbers posted online. While the revealed...

  4. How to stop telemarketers who are still calling

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  5. Take a Day Off for (Often Forgotten) Financial Housekeeping

    There are two categories of tasks that keep the financial machine running smoothly -- essential tasks and beneficial tasks. Most people recognize the essential tasks...

  6. Scammers Getting Around ‘Do Not CallList ?

    Business law attorney Seth Berenzweig on efforts to stop robocalls from scammers.

  7. Father's Day gifts for older dads

    While you're scoping out a range of gifts for your dad, consider certain practical things that are ideal to give at any time of the year, especially for fathers of a...

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