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Nancy Reagan

50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

Historian Douglas Brinkley on President Johnson and the Civil Rights Act.

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  1. Give what you can to charity

    Tip of the Day 4/24

  2. George W. Bush presidential library set to open in Dallas

    Casey Stegall reports from Texas

  3. Helping wounded heroes

    Tip of the Day 4/23

  4. Vets launch campaign against Jane Fonda's new role

    Controversial actress plays Nancy Reagan

  5. Jane Fonda tells vets to ‘get a life’

    Vets furious with actress over Nancy Reagan portrayal

  6. Organizer of Fonda boycott on Jane's 'get a life' comment

    Navy veteran Larry Reyes sounds off

  7. FNC Video

    FNC Video

  8. Vets call for Fonda boycott

    New Facebook page calls for people to boycott Jane Fonda’s film ‘The Butler’

  9. Untold story of how a doctor saved Ronald Reagan's life

    Power Player of the Week: Dr. Sam Spagnolo

  10. After the Show Show: 'Roger Ailes Off Camera'

    Zev Chafets talks about his journey writing the book

  11. Democrats' first budget in 4 years increases spending, taxes

    Former White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee defends Senate plan

  12. Brinkley: 2nd Amendment Needs Limitations

    Author Douglas Brinkley on the president’s efforts to curb gun violence.

  1. Bias Bash: Mainstream media comes to Hillary's defense

    Ellen Ratner on how news outlets are spinning Secretary Cilnton's Benghazi comments

  2. White House holiday traditions

    Coleen Christian Burke takes you inside Christmas at the White House

  3. Political Insiders 8/19/2013: Lawless government

    People are fed up with their political leaders. Trust in their integrity is dissolving and polls prove it. Plus: The government is mad at Snowden for violating its privacy - oh the irony

  4. Behind the scenes look at White House through 8 presidents

    Wil Haygood's 'The Butler' now a major motion picture

  5. Bias Bash: Hillary Clinton to be focus of TV miniseries

    Fox News contributor Cal Thomas says show will likely portray Clinton as 'victimized wife' in Lewinsky scandal

  6. Remembering Helen Thomas

    ABC correspondent Sam Donaldson reflects on the legend's passing

  7. Help the Wounded Warrior Project

    Tip of the Day 4/29

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