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Muammar Gaddafi

Special Report Online: 4/16/14

Where do Republicans stand in 2014?

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  1. Lt. Col. North: Obama needs to 'stop talking, start acting'

    Weighing path forward in Ukraine

  2. Will violence in Ukraine influence midterm election?

    Power Play: Democrats distance themselves from Obamacare, foreign stumbles shape election narrative, and is the Tea Party a threat to GOP?

  3. Alan Cullison describes the chaos in Kiev

    President Obama says the U.S. condemns Ukraine violence

  4. Oil Steadies Around $109 On U.S. Winter Demand

    Brent crude oil steadied around $109 a barrel on Monday, supported by a weak dollar, supply disruptions and a severe winter across North America that has boosted hea...

  5. Syria behind on getting rid of chemical weapons

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  6. Sinjar Records reemerge after 2011's Libyan rebel uprising

    Renewed attention on connection to Al Qaeda fighters

  7. Intel at odds with New York Times' report on Benghazi attack

    Fox News terror analyst Walid Phares weighs in

  8. Chaffetz: New York Times Benghazi report 'not accurate'

    Congress pushing back against explosive investigation

  9. 4 US military personnel being held in Libya

    State Dept. confirms Americans in government custody

  10. Reaction to Susan Rice's defense of Benghazi interviews

    International analyst Michael Kay speaks out

  11. The Foxhole: How’s American intelligence shaped after 9/11?

    Author J. Michael Allen explains the efforts to reform America’s national security after the September 11th terrorist attacks

  12. Rudy Giuliani blasts MSNBC host's ObamaCare comment

    Former NYC mayor says deprecating the term ObamaCare is 'pure propaganda'

  1. Hillary Clinton's presidential ambition

    Hillary Clinton facing tough criticism if she decides to run

  2. Is Obama administration tiptoeing around 'terrorism'?

    Insight from Fox News terrorism analyst Walid Phares

  3. White House missed the signs of the Arab Spring

    ‘The Lost Spring’ author Walid Phares on the White House’s handling of the Arab Spring.

  4. Rove: 'Chickens coming home to roost' on Obama

    Former Bush senior advisor: President and US world stature paying for his 'hands off' foreign policy, US giving up Internet control seen as weak, Putin 'played Obama for a sucker'

  5. The Foxhole: How is US diplomacy viewed in the world today?

    American Enterprise Institute's Michael Rubin on how the US strategy of establishing a dialogue might not be our best course of action

  6. Book unveils shocking details about Clinton's Benghazi role

    Author of 'The Benghazi Report' explains

  7. Is the Ukraine in danger of completely unraveling?

    Reaction from Lt. Col. Oliver North

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