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Mohamed ElBaradei

Should the White House Intervene in Egypt Unrest?

FNC contributor Judith Miller and FNC Middle East and terrorism expert Dr. Walid Phares on the growing turmoil in Egypt.

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  1. Violent protests continue in response to Morsi's power grab

    Peter Doocy reports on violence in Egypt

  2. Should America worry about a nuclear Iran?

    Fmr. Ambassador John Bolton discusses nuclear inspections team not being allowed to visit Iranian nuclear sites

  3. How Should U.S. Respond to Turmoil in Egypt?

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  4. Did IAEA Step Outside its Legal Mandate?

    Shift from a technical body to a politicized one?

  5. Will Israel Attack Iran?

    Pres. Peres says "more and more likely"

  6. Egypt’s Crisis Continues

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the turmoil and protests in Egypt, the country’s credit outlook and it’s president asking his government to step down.

  7. Egyptian Struggles Continue

    CBS News's Jeff Greenfield on the attempts of the Egyptian government to quell the current protests and efforts to appoint a new leader.

  8. Social Media Helps Lead Revolution in Egypt

    Fox News terrorism expert Dr. Walid Phares discusses the ongoing protests and possible frontrunners for new leader in Egypt.

  9. Israeli Finance Minister on Egypt, Oil

    Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz weighs in on turmoil in Egypt and the discovery of oil off Israel's shores, and the economy.

  10. Rising Tension in the Middle East

    KT McFarland weighs in on developments in the region

  11. Violent Protests Escalate in Egypt

    Thousands of anti-government protesters hit the streets in Cairo

  12. Cairo Burning

    Will Mubarak's offer be enough to appease aggressive protesters?

  1. Who is Egypt's new prime minister?

    Ally names Hazem el-Beblawi to interim government

  2. Debate over path forward for US in Egypt

    Should we cut off aid to nation?

  3. Officials: Supreme leader of Muslim Brotherhood arrested

    Egypt's new interim leader steps in

  4. What does Egypt's coup mean for the US?

    Celebrations continue as Morsi's power comes to an end

  5. Muslim Brotherhood suffers a major blow

    Thousands gather to riot in Cairo

  6. Egypt's army attempts to speed up democratic process

    Who will take over for Morsi?

  7. Egypt better off after the Arab Spring?

    Ambassador Stuart Holliday comments

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