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Miranda Rights

Anti-Gay Activist: Gays Want to Have Sex in Your House

Controversial former Navy Chaplain Dr. Gordon Klingenschmitt defends his belief that Christians are being forced to participate in sodomy.

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  1. Longtime fugitive Al Qaeda leader captured

    Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon

  2. 15 year manhunt for suspected terrorist ends

    Being questioned by CIA, FBI teams

  3. Fallout from pair of high profile terror raids overseas

    Insight from former Attorney General Judge Michael Mukasey

  4. US terror raids in Africa

    Amb. John Bolton calls Al-Shabab 'a real menace'

  5. Airman’s career battle after not condoning same-sex marriage

    Debate over military and religion

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  7. State rests case in 'hiccup girl' murder trial

    Jury heard Jennifer Mee admit role in victim's death

  8. Man pleads not guilty in Facebook killing case

    Suspect posted photo of his wife's body on social media

  9. George Zimmerman speaks to jurors through police interviews

    Will jury make a decision based on emotion or evidence?

  10. Patriots player questioned, searched in possible homicide

    Report: Aaron Hernandez not believed to be a suspect

  11. NSA, gov't scandals and fractured trust

    Sen. Lindsey Graham on the NSA surveillance controversy and leaks and how Washington's scandals have damaged American faith in government

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  1. Financial link between Al-Liby attorney and Libyan gov't?

    David Lee Miller reports from New York

  2. Should suspected terrorist Anas Al Liby be tried on US soil?

    Reaction from Fox News contributor and former Congressman Col. Allen West

  3. Al Qaeda suspect in US court a 'huge loss' in war on terror?

    Former U.N. Amb. John Bolton critical of Al Liby being brought to states

  4. Power Play 10/10/2013: Will American people get on board?

    Can spending be sold to American people? Obama meets with House GOP leadership and Senate Dems, what's next compromise? Aid Cut off in Egypt - Was detention of Al-Libi legal? Chris Stirewalt and guests discuss

  5. Is Al Qaeda operating freely in Iraq?

    Ambassador John Bolton on how the terrorist organization is gaining strength in the region

  6. What can US learn from captured Al Qaeda leader?

    CIA interrogations take place aboard Navy ship

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