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Middle East

Caterpillar CEO: Strong dollar is paying off

Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman discusses first-quarter earnings, the impact of low oil prices and strong U.S. dollar and the company’s future.

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  1. Investing in frontier markets

    Should investors look to the global markets to boost their bottom line? Stansberry Research Emerging Market Strategist Kim Iskyan provides picks for the frontier sector.

  2. Is there really is a war on religion in America?

    Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on whether a religious war is going on in America.

  3. ISIS threat spreading to more splinter groups?

    Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland weighs in on the growing threat of international terror.

  4. U.S. Navy develops ‘swarming’ drone technology

    Kurt ‘The Cyber Guy’ Knutsson discusses the U.S. Navy’s new ‘swarming’ drone technology.

  5. Saudi Arabia to Open Stock Market to Foreign Investors

    FBN’s Charles Payne, President Penn Financial Matt McCall, Newoak Capital President Jim Frischling, KPMG Chief Economist Constance Hunter, GOP consultant Cheri Jacobus and Plimsoll Market Managing Director Jim Awad on Saudi Aradia opening a stock market and whether you should invest.

  6. Stossel 04/03/2015: Creative destruction

    Is it good when innovation causes people to lose jobs and industries to shift? Stossel and guests debate

  7. ISIS desecrating Christian grave sites in Mosul

    American Islamic Forum for Democracy’s Zuhdi Jasser discusses how American Muslims feel about the growing violence and destruction caused by ISIS in the Middle East .

  8. Would an Iran nuclear deal make America safer?

    Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham weighs in on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid, the GOP candidates for 2016 and the Iran nuclear talks.

  9. How did the government miss the gyrocopter Capitol landing?

    Lt. Col. Oliver North explains how a gyrocopter was able to land on the Capitol lawn without being stopped by the government and discusses Al Qaeda’s capturing of an oil port in Southern Yemen.

  10. Google responds to EU antitrust allegations

    Google Head of Economic Policy in Europe Adam Cohen discusses how the company will deal with the EU’s antitrust violation allegations.

  11. Sen. McCain on bid for 6th Senate term, Iran nuclear talks

    Sen. John McCain, (R-AZ), discusses his bid for his sixth Senate term, U.S. foreign policy and the Iran nuclear talks.

  12. Obama to remove Cuba from state terrorism list

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton on President Obama removing Cuba from the state terrorism list, turmoil in the oil markets and Russia lifting missile system delivery to Iran.

  1. White House policies adding to unrest in Middle East ?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on concerns about the Obama Administration’s strategy in the Middle East .

  2. Eight reasons the Middle East may become more unstable

    Yemen officials say the Saudi-led coalition has launched new airstrikes on Shiite rebels. Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer with more.

  3. Jeb Bush to ‘audition’ for Koch Brothers’ support?

    The Accountability Project Co-Founder Nomi Konst and The National Review Editor Rich Lowry on the Obama Administration’s handling of Iran and the latest on the 2016 election.

  4. White House policy in Middle East too inconsistent?

    FNC national security analyst KT McFarland on the Obama Administration's ISIS and Iran strategy.

  5. U.S. sends warships to Yemen to prevent Iran arms delivery

    Fox News Military Analyst Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney discusses the U.S. strategy of preventing Iran from delivering weapons to Yemen rebels by sending warships to the region.

  6. Author James Bradley on latest book ‘The China Mirage’

    Author James Bradley discusses U.S.-China relations and his latest book ‘The China Mirage.’

  7. Former AIG CEO: It’s hard to understand what we’re doing with Iran

    Former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg on the U.S. nuclear deal with Iran.

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