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Michele Bachmann

Obama the Taxman cometh ... 442 times

New report says President Obama has sought 442 tax increases since taking office

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  1. US not ready for female president?

    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on her controversial comments

  2. Possible Belarus link to ObamaCare raises concerns

    Site secure from cyber attack?

  3. GOP struggling with responses to the State of the Union?

    FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe and Democratic strategist Basil Smikle on the GOP’s rebuttal to the President’s State of the Union address.

  4. Rove on the Tea Party and bridging the GOP divide

    The Tea Party selects Sen. Mike Lee to give a response to President Obama's State of the Union address. But does the GOP really need two responses if it's united?

  5. Is Hollywood in ‘lockstep’ behind liberals?

    Author Jason Mattera weighs in on actress Maria Conchita Alonso and the relationship between Hollywood celebrities and Democrats.

  6. The spread of radical Islam

    Eric Shawn examines if Al Qaeda will expand throughout Iraq and Syria

  7. Did Obama have the 'worst year in Washington'?

    Debate over president's record

  8. Is the Republican Party at risk?

    Rep . Michele Bachmann weighs in on the lack of support for the GOP

  9. Bachmann: ObamaCare problems are 'only beginning'

    What's next for health care law?

  10. States divided over letting insurers extend canceled plans

    Former Senator Nelson sounds off

  11. Rep. Gardner: Millions more will lose their health insurance

    Rep. Cory Gardner, (R-Co.), on the ObamaCare rollout.

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  1. Exclusive: Sheryl Sandberg's new look at powerful women

    Facebook COO discusses new book 'Lean In: For Graduates'

  2. Exclusive: Sheryl Sandberg on guilt, success impacting women

    Sandberg weighs in on working parents

  3. Former CIA director grilled over Benghazi

    Mike Morrell suspected of injecting politics into the Benghazi terror attack

  4. House GOP express serious concerns about Eastern Europe

    Republicans urge Obama to take firm stance against Russia

  5. Bachmann reacts to Obama's budget proposal

    Minnesota lawmaker sounds off

  6. Tea Party turns 5: Will it make it to 10?

    Rep . Michele Bachmann weighs in on future of movement

  7. The Tea Party Patriots turn five

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

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