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Michael Dukakis

  1. Obama: We Must Make Hard Choices

    FBN’s Neil Cauvto breaks down the events celebrating President Obama’s second-term inauguration day.

  2. President George H.W. Bush: The Man and His Mission

    George H.W. Bush has been called the most experienced man to be president since the Founding Father

  3. Power Play 11-7-12

    We'll break down the election results. What do you think?

  4. Will Sandy give President Obama a campaign boost?

    Bonus points for signing emergency declarations?

  5. Campaign Insiders 10-29-2012

    A Frankenstorm of Elections 2012 analysis - we will talk experts John LeBoutillier, Doug Schoen, and Pat Caddell.

  6. Winning the Presidency

    Stossel takes you behind the scenes of a presidential campaign

  7. Power Play 10/23/12

    Romney strives to show steady hand in debate, swing-state outlook and two-week sprint.

  8. FNC Video


  9. Stossel - 9/28/12 - Winning the Presidency

    Behind-the-scenes of a presidential election

  10. Can a Debate Win or Loss Change the Outcome of an Election?

    Political commentator Pat Buchanan on the impact of debates on the Presidential race.

  11. Part 2: Ann Coulter Takes On Racism On 'Hannity'


  12. Coulter: 'White guilt' is bad for America

    Exclusive: Author on her new book 'Mugged'

  1. 110513_tpm_800


  2. 'The Singing Trooper' salutes America

    Sgt. Daniel Clark's patriotic performance

  3. Political Insiders 7/1/2013

    Obama moves left. Immigration bill passes the Senate - will it pass the House? and is MA Senate race previewing a 2014 trend?

  4. Life in Prison for Stealing Tube Socks

    Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi on his new article on California’s three-strike rule.

  5. Panel Plus: 3/17

    Watch the ‘FOX News Sunday' panel, Bill Kristol, Nina Easton, Karl Rove and Joe Trippi, as they discuss the future of the Republican Party, in our web exclusive Panel Plus

  6. News outlets pile on Rubio's water bottle moment

    GOP senator's sip called everything from 'Water-gate' to a possible 'career-ender'

  7. Michael Dukakis : This President Has Cut Spending

    Former Democratic Presidential Nominee Michael Dukakis on efforts to rein in government spending.

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